Friday, June 3, 2011

My Guerlain Cosmetics Story

Ahhh, Guerlain... What can I say. To me it's like the Cadillac of Cosmetics. 
Expensive but aren't we worth it?
Some days applying my makeup is a drudge. Since buying a few things from the Guerlain Cosmetics line, I think it's become a luxury.  I Enjoy it and look forward to it. 
First, apply the L'OR Radiance Concentrate. It has tiny flecks of visible 24 karat gold floating in the bottle. What more can you ask for on your face. While it goes on smoothly, it blends in and has a wonderful cooling vibrant effect on your face. I liken it to a man. Not long lasting but still worth the effort.

Next I apply the Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator
I was calling this a concealer but it's so much more than that. I put it on my trouble spots, nose, under eyes, anywhere and it glides on so smoothly and covers while illuminating.
Sheer Bliss for the entire face!

Add foundation or go it alone with Terre Cotta 4 Seasons Bronzer
This is sheer with no shimmers to settle into fine lines. Goes on like a dream and gives the illusion you have spent a month in St. Tropez frolicking in the azure blue waters.....

I chose it in #1 Blonde. I read reviews that the #2 Brunette was somewhat orange on the skin so Blonde it is! We have more FUN anyway... shhh

Smooth, Flawless Summer Skin with no baking in the sun. 
(Unless you are in St. Tropez)

Then there is my favorite. 
The Meteorite Pearls with the special brush. The smell alone is Heavenly. Like summer violets in the evening. Wistful~

The Guerlain Lipsticks are a treasure in themselves. 
Each one so different but so lovely.

First, I bought the Kiss Kiss which is a lipstick with a bit of a duo-chrome built in for a sexy glossy look. I chose it in "Baby Shine" a soft baby pink with so much shine and softness on your lips. You have to wear it to love it although I loved the color at 1st sight.
Next is the most FUN you'll ever have with a lipstick.  The Automatique. It's as trendy as the most elegant cigarette lighter and I don't smoke! Whipping that out to touch up your lipstick is an event.
I chose the color "Bloom of Rose" which is a pretty coral pink that is simply divine!

And last but certainly not least... The Guerlain Jewel compact Lipstick.
It has a built-in mirror and simply drips with Class and Distinction. No, It SHOUTS Glamor! Pull this out to freshen up your face and you will stop people cold in their tracks. I love the packaging on this one as much as the shade I chose which is "Gigi" a color straight from Paris or my handbag (or Yours) Long Lasting too!


  1. Please tell us what effect the meteorites powder has on the skin. I think a quite long time I should buy it but am always scared about the price tag. Is it really worth all the hype? I search for a finishing powder that leaves my skin with a "soft focus effect". I want nothing glowy or obvious. So if you would reccomend jumping on that band wagon, I will. I purchased several products after your recommendation and am happy with all of them. So I really value your opinion high. One more question, could you tell me please the exact name of your eye treatment / cream. I guess you mentioned it once in a video where you raved about Lancome Genefique. I´m more than happy with this elixier, this has done miracles on my you promised.

  2. The packaging alone on the Guerlain gives me that warm fuzzy feeling all over I used to get form sex.LOL No my make up does it for me.

  3. Lana, I love the kiss kiss lipstick! Off topic I was wondering what granite is that you are showing in the video? I'm remodeling my kitchen and I think that color is gorgeous!

  4. Charlene. This is a coffee table. I'm not sure of the name but I think it may be marble. We have granite much like this in our Florida kitchen. Try typing in brown granite and see what pops up. When we had our kitchen here in Indiana remodeled, I wanted granite countertops but our builder insisted we get Corian.... Ugh. Granite is cheaper and way more beautiful!
    Good Luck!

  5. Aureolis,
    I am still on the fence if the Meteorites are worth the money. They do SOMETHING to my face but I'm still not sure what. Your description "Soft Focus Effect" may sum it up best. No shimmers or glimmer in sunlight. I wore this makeup to the Indianapolis 500 race. Track temperature was 124* and my makeup was perfect after a 10 hour day in the hot sun and spending the day with 400,000 drunks! That says a lot. It just seems to even my skin out after applying all my makeup and give me that finished look. I will most likely repurchase. The Lancome eye cream is Reenergie eye lift. It has a concealer and eye brightener that lifts and the cream all in one. I love it! The Precious Lights has become my new summer best friend tho. It's much lighter and it smoothes on so easily. I use it lightly over my entire face and LOVE it! Again, no shimmers.
    Good Luck!

  6. Thank you for the tips Lana! I already own one of the Guerlain Jewel compact Lipstick, in GWEN 69 and love it, I will def purchase the 'Meteorite Pearls' after this, love your blog btw :D Thank you!!

  7. Lana, I'm delurking here after being a long time viewer of yours on Youtube. I'm also 50+, and you've inspired me to start taking better care of myself. I don't know how many times you've made me laugh when I've been feeling bad about myself. I just have one question, what sort of camera do you use? The pictures of the Guerlain cosmetics are wonderful!

  8. Lana I absolutely love your youtube chanel. I didn't know you had a blog. I am a blogger myself..another housewife :) I hope I can meet you one day, we can ride in my porsche with the top down and our pink hats to avoid the sun. You are definitely my role model I hope I can look like you when I get older. KEEP up the great work.


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