Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting OLD

Hello Everyone~
Sorry I have neglected my blog so badly lately. Life has gotten busy. No excuse for letting it get like all Slum Dog Millionaire over here tho.
Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post about the Dreaded Aging process and today's misperception of it.

Why and how did people get to the sad impression that just because we continue to have birthdays on a regular basis that we are no longer allowed to be FUN and to be an acceptable part of today's society? When we hit age 40 years old and over, are we all supposed to cut our hair off, dye it blue/grey with a helmet-head perm, wear drab clothes, FLAT sensible shoes, sit in a rocking chair and KNIT???? *shudder*
Good Grief! That sounds like a death sentence to me! Ugh.
Don't get me wrong, I have many girlfriends that have done just that. WHY? No wonder they are grumpy, bitter and act so menopausal!
To each their own I guess. I believe in "Live and Let Live" but that's not Me!
I want to be an active positive part of this society we live in not some burden that rots away and becomes so drab that we disappear. I look around in my daily travels and see the typical 55 and above woman or what is the "Society-Accepted" over 55 woman and they ALL look alike! The exact same
Grey hair, short perm, flat shoes, no makeup, &  drab drab drab. I love being a Rule-Breaker and REFUSE to go there. WHO says we must?
I believe that age-old cliche' that you are only as old as you feel. 
I KNOW I'm 55 and perhaps act a goof at times but you know what?????
I am having FUN!

Life got in the way in my younger years. I had my children young. All I ever wanted as a kid was a family, so I created my own. My kids are my life. 
 In the 70's, having children in your early 20's was the norm. Too bad that I didn't see the value of higher education back then. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and it got me thru just fine so I'll accept that, but if I had my life to live again, I would have gone to college come Hell or High Water! An education is something NO ONE can ever take from you. That said, let me get back to my original subject.... Age.
When we are in our teens and twenties, we think anyone over 35 is an Antique. Ha! 
That day will creep up on you so fast your head will spin! Then what will you do?
You will accept it and do one of the following:

1. Become the society approved version of an "Old Lady" as in dressing appropriately (some MAN made up that extremely dumbass rule)
2. Fight it and have surgeries, injectables, Botox, etc.  (Those things wear off then what?) The Trout-Pout isn't pretty to me.
3. Accept it and make the most of it.
4. Ignore it.

I choose options # 3 and 4.
I used to fight it. I would lie.
Oh, would I lie!
I actually changed my F/A ID to reflect -10 years off my age. What a dork! 
I used lie to everyone that would listen to me that I was a good ten years younger than I actually was. 
I can tell you the exact day I stopped lying about my age....

I was talking to my Mom and she was a habitual liar about her age. (She didn't corner the market on that... A TON of women under 40 lie about their age as well. It's no big deal) 

My Mom was was a beauty, had great genes and a very youthful appearance. 
Anyway, the day I turned 50 she told me that SHE was 50. She was 73 at the time. 

I said,  "Mom, how can you be 50 when I am 50?" 
Her response.... "I tell EVERYONE I am 50!"
I, at that moment, realized how absolutely dumb that sounded and what an ass I was making of myself to LIE about my age! 
I stopped lying, accepted that I was half a century old and never have and never will lie about my age again. EVER!
Once I accepted myself for my age and embraced all of my 50+  years, I just seemed to see myself differently and love the age I am. It was a Lightbulb Moment for me.
Someday I will cut my hair off, wear sensible flat shoes, and get a grey perm but until that day clicks in my head.... Hell No!
To me, there is no crime in trying to be the best you are. In spirit I am still 17 and I for one hope that the little kid in me never goes away. The inner child in me can get on the floor with my darling grandkids, play with Play-Doh, Barbies, and Trucks and act like a 6 years old. That's easy. Acting my over a century old- age is harder for me. 

On my YouTube Channel I get probably 100 - 200 messages each and every day from women that say I have inspired them to get up in the morning, do their hair and makeup and be FABULOUS. I hope so! 
Sure, it would be so easy to fall off that very thin ledge... 
Wear sweat pants all day, don't fix my hair, slosh around with no makeup and be sloppy but is that me? No. 
I enjoy makeup, fashion and LIFE!
I'm not ready to give up. I hope I never am! I'll have plenty of time for that when I am too busy chasing all the hot, over 80 year olds in a nursing home. Ha! (That's a joke)
The people that love me don't care how old I am. My friends come in all age ranges and don't "see" me as OLD,  My husband loves me more each year and my Grandkids don't see my wrinkles nor do they think of me as OLD. 
My son said in front of my grandson one day~ 
"Carter, Mimi is getting to be an Old Lady."
My grandson thought about that for few seconds and said in an angry voice....
"No Daddy, My Mimi is a NEW Lady!"
God Love that child.

In closing I say Happy Birthday to all of you. Birthdays are Blessed events and I for one hope to have many more. You see, I have a LOT to live for and want to enjoy each and every day to it's exact fullest.
I know who and what I am and I embrace it. 
If I don't ACT my age, is it a crime? No.
If I don't dress my age, is it a crime? No.
I"m enjoying my life and hope you all do the same. 
I've gotta jet off now. I am joining friends for a day of lunch, bowling, shopping, and then an Anniversary Dinner with my wonderful husband.
 Not bad for an "Old Lady, huh?