Monday, May 23, 2011

Does Money REALLY Talk?

Ok, I went to a Fashion Mall on a Saturday to shop, then meet friends and hubby for dinner later at our favorite restaurant. I had on one of my favorite white Chanel suits, Christian Louboutin shoes and a Christian Louboutin handbag. 
No big deal. 
I was on a mission to shop, look and see what the new fashions are for today and for the upcoming  Summer Season (I have a HUGE  June wedding to attend and several gala events and need to find the perfect outfit for each)  so I brought along my bright pink camera and took off. 
I strolled into MAC Cosmetics, Bebe, several small boutiques and lastly Saks 5th Avenue. (I even saw two adorable YouTube subscribers and had my camera rolling for most of it.)
I touched the Gucci bags, the Chanel suits and jewelry,  I saw a dog. I was treated well and even complimented by Sales Assistants galore. Department heads spoke to me and said a cheery "Hello" everywhere I went. It was a fun happy day. My little flip cam only has an hour memory so I filmed and then seriously shopped but when the memory and the cash ran out, I left. 
No big deal.
A week later after editing and time allowed, I posted the video as so many of my lovely subscribers enjoy "window shopping" as much as I do. 
In the comment section of my video I was told many times... 
"They were nice to you because money talks and you were dressed up."
Could that be true? Does looking and acting like you have MONEY make that big of a difference? Do retailers treat you differently if you are in designer clothes than if you are   wearing jeans and a sweatshirt? Surely NO!
I told my husband that I was going to conduct an experiment and see if that could possibly be true. I set out to do just that.
I first did my hair and makeup as I normally would. Wore a Chanel skirt, Boston Proper Blazer and Red lizard Christian Louboutin shoes and carried a Prada handbag. 
I set out for the local mall 20 minutes away.
I strolled into Macy's like I owned the place with my little bright pink camera at arms length as I had done the week prior. I spoke to every sales clerk I could find.  I was not shopping, I was experimenting.  I practically shoved the camera into their faces, not to skew the experiment but to make it as obvious as possible that I was filming and to say 
"Hey, look at me!" Everyone was friendly, helpful, and again, very complimentary. I went into The Gap, Kohl's, even a high end jewelry store and all were so pleasant and gushed their sweet "hellos"to me.
I saw two male security guards on Segways who waved at me and said a flirty "Hi There."
I spent a good hour or more at the mall without incident. 
I drove back home.
I tousled my hair and changed my clothes into cut off sweat pants and a matching sweatshirt. White Walmart ballet flats covered my toes.  Back to the mall I drove, bright pink camera in tow.
I first went into JC Penny. I saw a friend. 
I was said hello to but nothing was said good or bad. Next I ventured out further. Would I be rejected? Surely not!
It all went so wrong very soon. 
I was told to stop filming and no cameras by each and every  store I walked in to. What? I was just there an hour prior and was allowed to film and was treated so nicely. 
What the hell happened? 
In most stores, I was kicked out almost as soon as I entered. I was shocked and felt like a criminal! Store after store I was told to turn off the camera and asked to leave. (I  really didn't look THAT bad, did I?) Some were rude about it. Some were not but I got the message. Did I really look like a thug out casing the place with my bright pink camera?
The last store I entered, same response. No Pictures! 
I left quietly. Rejection isn't fun let me tell you. My fabulousness was fading FAST and it all left me with a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I kept walking and was about to enter the Kohl's Department Store I had been in earlier when I was dressed up.....
I passed a security guard. His face told the story. He looked at me like I had a BOMB!
I didn't. I was only armed in bad clothes and a camera.
Do I hear SIRENS????
Sirens wailing and my camera rolling, I was converged upon not by ONE but SEVEN security guards and told to hand over my camera. 
I was questioned. They took my name and phone number.
I tried to explain. I was conducting an experiment. 
Not listening.... 
I told these officers of the law that I have a YouTube channel and was just doing a test to see if Money Talks.
Not winning....
They told me to delete my film and footage.
I did for some but not all. (Too bad I had to delete the parts where I was questioned by them) Priceless.
Luckily there was one female officer. When I explained myself for the 3rd time, her eyes locked with mine and she said... "Ok, I get it. I see what she was doing." 
I wasn't arrested or given a citation. I was given a Code of Conduct brochure and told to leave the mall.
I did just that in my Victorias Secret sweatpants and shirt and Walmart shoes.  I have never felt so ugly and beat down as I did at that moment.  
I was the Jeffery Dahmer of the mall.
I called my husband who was mad.
I called my daughter in law who was sympathetic. 
I actually felt depressed about the entire ordeal. ( I am never depressed or down)
My little "experiment" told the story. 
How many young mothers go the mall or out for the day that do not have the TIME to dress up?  It wasn't fun to be treated that way. Granted, I was wrong filming but what happened to all the love I was given when I was dressed up and filming? Huh?
To be honest, I feel mad and disgusted. 
Money does talk and it's just WRONG what it says. Shut Up Money... You're Lame.

Now, where's my bright pink camera? 
Watch the video complete with sirens on YouTube here:

Famous Quotes about money:

~ I like my money where I can see it... Hanging in my closet.  -- Carrie Bradshaw
Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward. — George Carlin
Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did. — Henny Youngman
No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions. He had money, too. — Margaret Thatcher
~ I finally know what distinguishes man from other beasts: financial worries. — Jules Renard
Don’t marry for money. You can borrow it cheaper. — Scottish proverb
~ Money can’t buy happiness; it can, however, rent it. — Author unknown