Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Two Cents on Bullying

I have been watching the news regarding all of the bullying and bad behavior going on these days. Sadly, it's not a new phenomenon.
Why does it have to come to someone committing suicide before people Stop????!

When I was a young girl there was an entire family that went to our school and was bullied unmercifully. 
There were 4 sisters. 
Betty was the oldest. She had long straight black hair and a hook-nose. The kids called her a witch.
Next was Ruth. This poor girl had a huge Port-Wine stain all over her face so you could imagine her pain and what was said to her. Daily.
Christine was the next youngest and she had been in a horrible home accident as a very young girl. Her Mom was cooking and Christine reached up, grabbed the hot pan and the scalding hot grease burnt her face, torso, and arms so bad that she looked like her skin had been pulled into knots and the scars were horrific.
Not only was this family poor but their luck was atrocious!
The youngest was Annie who was my age. 
Seeing these girls climb onto the bus each and everyday and be bullied, harassed, and ridiculed was heart wrenching. 
Back then, 1st Grade and up rode the bus with High School kids. 
Not a good recipe.
No one would sit with them. No one ate lunch with them. No one talked to them.
That was the easy part.
The bad part was watching these poor girls go thru hell and back every day of their school lives.
I remember the worst culprit was a Cheerleader named Butch. 
She had it all! 
Gorgeous looks, personality, perfect hair, perfect teeth, Perfect EVERYTHING! 
The football team loved her, the teachers loved her, the student body loved her. 
Sadly, Butch didn't love Butch and she took all of her life frustrations out on these girls and especially Annie. 
She would stack her locker. Load the books to the front so that when Annie opened the locker her books would all fall out and then Butch and her group of Busted-Up Mean Girls would giggle for hours until they thought up some other horror for the next day or the next hour. 
They put dog poop in her purse, tampons in her lunch bag, would steal her underwear during gym class showers,  
call their house all hours of the night, spread rumors that they were whores, and just plain tormented the living crap out of all of them but her main target was always Annie. 
Butch never did anything to warrant the authorities being called but was always on the edge of going way too far.
I know how difficult all of this was on these poor girls. 
You could see it in their faces.
High School is tough if you're not popular. As we got older, we were  able to influence many to just STOP it but not Butch. 
I swear she saw something in this family of very poor girls that SHE wanted to be and that was a Good Person. 
The bullying continued.

We had our High School Reunion a couple of years back.
Karma bit poor Butch right in her butt. 
She married the Football Captain. They divorced after he was caught molesting young boys and was sent to prison. 
Life had not been good to Butch. 
She gained a TON of weight. Her beautiful long hair was no longer beautiful and her skin looked gray, dull, and broken out. Sadly now her ugly exterior matches her even uglier insides. 
Not one person there felt badly for Butch. 
No one talked to her. 
No one sat with her. 
No one wanted to be around her.
Annie, on the other hand, moved to Chicago right after graduation, got a college degree and went on to Law School and is now a very successful attorney.  
The best part is.. She is absolutely Beautiful inside and out. Happy and successful with a Gorgeous family and loving husband. 
I didn't get to see the initial reaction to Butch seeing Annie again after all those years but I did see as we were leaving, Annie hug her and tell her that if she is ever in Chicago to look her up. 
No, I just think Annie knows the power of Good Karma vs Bad Karma.

PS. I thought of Annie and her sisters many times as my kids were growing up and tried to instill in them that ALL of us as humans are different. Some are rich, some poor, some  pretty, some thin, some fat, some unattractive,  some wise, some not so wise, etc. 
That's what makes the world go round. Personally, I love being different than anyone else.
What kind of cookie-cutter place would this world be if we were all ALIKE? Ugh. 
Different does not mean we should criticize, belittle, bully, or mock.
Remember... It's a LOT easier to be Nice to others than it is to be MEAN!
Love Yourself & Each Other ~  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Go PINK! Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ok, so usually my posts are full of fun and laughs but today I just felt the need to write about something so scary but so important. 

I'll never forget the day one of my very best friends in the world, Candy was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  She had told me that she was going in for a routine Mammogram after finding a tiny lump. 
No big deal, right? 
She was 36. 
The doctor called her into his office 3 days later for a consult. We were all there with her. How could we not be? We have been friends since I was 14 years old.  
She is like a sister to me!
When he told her that she had a very aggressive type of breast cancer and a radical mastectomy was required, we were all in shock, that is except Candy.  She smiled thru it all and held our hands and we left in a cloud of shock and for me total despair. 
Cancer at 36? 
Why Candy? 
I know of women that are NOT sweet, NOT kind, NOT caring like she is, why not THEM?

The surgery was scheduled for the end of the following week. 
I went home and cried for days. She was so strong. I was not.

An entire bevy of us arrived with her at the hospital. She was told to gown and where to go. All of us girls were surrounding her hospital bed right before they were to wheel her in for the procedure.  
Someone, I'm not sure to this day who, suggested we all pray. 
We began..."Please God be with Candy......" 
That's as far as it got before we were all wailing and sobbing and broken down in tears.  All of us crying .... then Candy's sweet voice...
"Please God be with these wonderful friends of mine and keep them strong. 
You see, I need them. 
I borrow their clothes."
All was so quiet. No one was even breathing. Then, in a flash we all broke up into fits of laughter. 
No tears. No more crying.  Candy was going to be fine. 
Here she was the one lying so vulnerable and small in that hospital gurney and she was comforting US!
She had the procedure and went home that day. 
I took a covered dish to her house that evening and guess what? She was out on the back of a motorcycle! WHAT?
Three weeks later they scheduled the first of a six month round of Chemo.  This was the first I saw how hard this was going to be for my dear friend.  
She told me that losing her breast was no big deal. 
Her boob had Never hugged her kids. 
Her boob had Never drove her car.
Her boob had Never gazed up at the stars in the sky.
Losing her hair was going to be the hard part.  We would sit outside and just the lightest breeze would make her long beautiful hair blow away in a cloud.  I could see how much this hurt her.
She shaved her head and then just simply rocked headscarves and wigs. She was beautiful inside and out. Hair or no hair.
It's been over 20 years and Candy is Cancer Free.
Thanks to early detection and a willingness to follow her doctors orders, she survived.
Breast Cancer is survivable. 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I Thank God it has had a light shown on this disease.
I go on Friday for my annual Mammogram and screening.
I hope that all of you over 40 or with a history of Breast Cancer in your family,  schedule a Mammogram this month. It could save your life!
I could only hope to ever be as strong as my dear friend. She gives me hope everyday ~ in Every Thing. 
Besides, she borrows my clothes!
ℒℴѵℯ You All!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Find Fall Fashions in Your Closet

One of my Favorite on-line stores is BostonProper.com. Great well-made clothes at even better prices.
I love that they cater to the young as well as the more mature woman.
I was thumbing thru their latest catalog and came up on this adorable outfit.
Cute, right?
I had to have it. 
I am the epitomy of an impulse shopper and zipped off an order for the Bodysuit and Skirt. The shoes/booties were cute but I felt too young for me. *sigh*
I wore this hot little number and felt like a million in it. 
Life got busy and I dropped the laundry ball and failed to get it to the cleaners. Friends wanted to go to lunch and shopping and I wanted to wear it but ... Nope, it was as dirty as
my husbands sordid dating past (We won't go there today to keep this post Rated PG)
Then, it hit me... I had a similar skirt and identical blouse and could re-vamp the entire outfit, go to lunch and be CLEAN vs SMELLY and still look stylish! 
Here it is with a Chanel Mini paired with a Blouse from The Limited I picked up at the mall for $19.00.

The Boston Proper Skirt - $59.00
Chanel Skirt vs Boston Proper Skirt

Boston Proper Blouse - $69.00

The Limited Blouse - $19.00

Newport News Platform Heels - $34.00
(I LOVE These Shoes!)

Boston Proper Buckle Biker Booties $119.00
I really like this outfit and like the price even more!
Happy Shopping.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Secret Disease

Ok, so I've been sick. I would normally Tweet about it as I tend to send fun little snippets of my life to my friends and family via Twitter when time allows. 
This time I was almost scared to... 

It all started on Wednesday evening. I had been so busy. Grueling work schedule, busy with friends, family etc.... You know~ Life.
I got home and felt as tho I was having a heart attack. Horrible pains in my chest and tingling sensations down my arm. Was this what it was going to be? My little ticker was going to stop ticking?
Heart disease in woman is the #1 killer and this was going to be my demise? 
Fun, Fabulous me? 
Great.... I had so much to do! Family, Traveling, Shopping, So many things!
I took an aspirin and went to bed.
Woke up Thursday with the ugly painful rash all over my back and it hurt like a MoFo!
I had a fever, achy, blisters spreading like wildfire and I felt like I was dying. Just the touch of my clothes on my skin hurt.
I curled up in the fetal position and cried myself to sleep.
The next day, my husband insisted I go to the doctor which I did.

Shingles are for old people on walkers and little old ladies with blue hair. 
Not me!
David Letterman just got over a case of Shingles so I guess I wasn't the only old/young person to get them.
What a pain and a PAIN these things are!
Ouch and double Ouch.
Here's the deal... Anyone that had Chicken Pox as a child can get Shingles. I had no idea!
The virus sits dormant in your body at the base of your spinal cord (Be Gone~ I hate you)
Stress or a compromised immunity system can cause it to come out of it's dormant state and viola'~ You are a shingles patient.
I immediately called my son and his wife. I had been hugging and kissing my Grandkids all afternoon the previous day! My beautiful grandkids with this blistery pain on their perfect skin? Oh No!
I was assured that the only thing I could be contagious of was if they had come in contact with the blisters and they hadn't. Even then, they would wind up with a case of Chicken Pox. I remember having Chicken Pox as a kid.  Scratching was about it in my memory anyway. So, ok... They would be fine. 

Me on the other hand, I was feverish, chills, achy, blistery, and well... Not very pretty to look at. I was given a prescription for Valtrex (Yeah, Herpes meds) and Vicodin.

Luckily, it stayed on my back and didn't spread to my face or my eyes. 
Be sure to RUN to the doctor if that happens. It can be very damaging to your eyes. 
I was also fortunate to have gotten to the doctor in the first 72 hours. Well, I was close but missed by a few hours.  Failure to do so can result in really life-long pain that attacks your nerve endings and can last months even years! OUCH.
I am 5 days into this crappy disease and feel much better. I am on the mend and chances are I won't get this again. To be honest, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. 
Osama Bin Laden... C'mere. Let me rub my blisters on you....Eh, he's probably had Chicken Pox and one Shingles patient can't affect anyone else with it. Drats!
I hope this educates a few of you in case you ever get these symptoms. A tingly feeling on your skin, chest pains and all over crappy feeling.  (Ok, I have felt these symptoms when my Credit Card bills come in the mail) but you will know it when the rash appears and get to the doctor as fast as you can. Early treatment = Quicker healing time.
And... Just because you are in your 20's, 30's, and 40's it can happen at any age if you have had Chicken pox. Who Knew?
All of you be safe, happy, & healthy..
I Love You All

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something So Sad

Today I saw something so sad I just had to blog about it.
I was running my usual errands which included shipping prizes from my contests out so I was at my local Post Office. There was this pitiful looking elderly gentleman there looking lost and confused. 
Well, as you all know me... Always wanting to help and thinking I can save the world 
(I can't) and help my fellow man, I asked him if he needed help with something as he was mumbling and seemed very distraught.
He took my offer of help. 
He asked me what the envelope he held in his hands said. 
I peered at his writing so shaky and small in the corner of the tattered and worn envelope. It said  simply "$20" in a scraggly script. 
What did that mean? This man looked like he hadn't eaten in days and seemed so frail and my heart just lurched for him. He had a stack of cash he was pulling out and envelopes all written with an amount in the corners of each. He was trying to decipher what amounts went in which envelopes. 
My first reaction was "No! Don't send cash through the mail!"
Was he sending the last of his Social Security check to a family member?
Upon  further inspection, I saw that these envelopes were not just envelopes of cash he was sending to a long lost relative or friend, but to those creepy scam places that say "Send me $20.00 and I will send you a $1,000,000.00. 
I was mortified. 
Here was a poor aged person with nothing giving these low lifes all he had to give and in return he was to only sit home and wait for all that imaginary cash to come rolling in. 
We all know that will NEVER happen.
I felt the need to do something! Stop this!
A small crowd was gathering. He was getting so upset. He wanted to keep stuffing cash into envelopes. Everyone was telling me to make him understand. 
I told him 
"This is a scam. 
You can't give your money to these people. 
They are feeding off your hopes and your dreams. 
You are not going to win anything or be sent anything. 
His response... "I have to TRY. I need food.  I am about to lose my house and they send me these letters everyday so it must be real. 
I WILL win."
By now the Postmaster had come to investigate. He told me not to get involved. 
Not get involved???? 
He said it happens everyday and it's legal! Senior citizens getting scammed by the bottom feeders in society. 
By now the poor older man was about in tears trying to figure out HOW much to send each envelope of money to these scum-suckers.
He wouldn't listen. I decided I would scam the scammers.
He asked me how much for the next envelope? I told him. 
I began pulling out five dollar bills and helping him stuff those into the envelopes that said $20 or $50. He was not going to be denied the chance to "win."
By the end of it he had sent out far less than his thieves were asking him to send them.
I took the rest of his cash and pressed it into his hand and made him promise me he would use it towards food for himself. 
He said he would.
I hope he does.
I pray he does.
I think from now on... I may have to hang out in Post Offices all over the country to stop this from happening. The elderly are getting suckered while the thieves sit and watch the cash flow in.  
How can we NOT get involved. Our elderly are the forgotten ones. They deserve better.
So Very  Sad.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Lips Alternative

Have you seen those gorgeous 
"Old-School" Pin-Up Looks? 
You know, like Marilyn Monroe? 
Even today's hot stars ~ 
Scarlett Johansson or Drew Barrymore. *sigh*

I love that perfect Red lip color but I just can NOT pull it off. It makes me look Garish and Cheap. 
Not a good look for me or for anyone. 
I envy those that CAN pull it off and look so Glamorous.
Here is an alternative that can make you look and feel like a star without looking like a hooker.

I lined my lips with my favorite lipliner in Estee Lauder "Cafe Rose"  just outside of the natural lip line.... Not too far. 
Don't want the Dreaded 
"Trout-Pout" Look.
Fill in your lips with MakeUpForever lipliner in Fuchsia 16c. Gorgeous bright color. 
Add a lighter color such as Saint Germain by MAC to the pout to make your lips looks fuller and add dimension.  Helps to Neutralize all of that BRIGHT Pink.
Viola'... Sexy Pin-Up Girl look without the "hooker" thing happening. 
FUN for summer and goes with everything!
PS. Using Lip Liners for Lipsticks makes your lip color last SO much longer! HUGE!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christian Louboutin's ~ REAL vs FAKE

Ok, I am called the Shoe Queen and I will wear that title proudly and with good honor. 

 So, here's the story. 
I got a FABULOUS pair of Christian Louboutin's from my adoring and smart husband for Christmas. After many requests on my YouTube Channel, I did a Christmas Haul video showing my lovely treasures. 
One item was a much coveted pair of Christian Louboutin's. 
(I had seen these on Housewives of Orange County and hinted like a madwoman what I wanted. Size, color, store, EVERYTHING)
Anyway, I had one of my wonderful subscribers message me to tell me they were FAKE? 

No Way! I saw a quickie trip to Reno Nevada for a divorce in my near future.... 
He would never buy me a fake. 
Or Would he? Whaaaaaaah.
I had the receipt, the original box, the sleeper bag, and the shoes so off to Saks I went with my questionable shoes. Well, guess what? They WERE Fakes but my dear hubby was off the hook because even the store had been duped.  
This is how they do it....
Seems a very conniving person buys a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. They take the new shoes and the receipt out of the store. 
No problems... Yet. 
Then, in the meantime they have purchased a replica of the same shoe usually made in China or who knows where. They then take the FAKE shoes and the REAL receipt, box etc. into the store and exchange for the REAL shoes. 
Some poor sucker like ME ends up with the FAKES and the criminal ends up with a 
"Two for One" pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes.  Holiday time is notorious for these swindlers to get away with their creepy crimes.
This is NOT something I would try if I were you. 
A quick trip to sit in the slammer with Lindsay Lohan? No Thanks! (Sorry LiLo)
(No matter how good Christian Louboutin shoes look, they can't make Prison Orange look Sexy or Stylish!)
Sak's 5th Avenue was so wonderful in taking back my FAKES and since they didn't have the coveted REAL shoes in my size, I got my money back and purchased the YoYo's instead. Sad but relieved. Imagine some poor soul that didn't have sharp, educated, YouTube Subscribers like I do? They would be walking around with inferior shoes and never know the difference except....
Here are the differences:
Yes, I stooped so low as to pay $97 for a FAKE pair to see and tell you the differences I could spot.

1st) The red sole is so dull and not nearly as vibrant as the REAL red sole created by Mr. Louboutin. He came up with this signature red sole when he was working in Paris and would see the Prostitutes working their beat on Montmartre and Pigalle Streets in the Meat Packing District, Paris. 
At the end of the night, the soles of their hooker heels would be bright red from walking thru the blood.
Ugh. My Lunch just lurched.
Oh well now that I've made us both ill... I love his shoes but hate the FAKES.
2nd) The flap in the seam in the back. Can you tell the FAKE? 
Which of These is Not Like The Others?
Look at the really poor quality workmanship on the FAKES.

See the ripples and bumps?
These have more lumps and bumps than my Cellulite Encrusted Butt!
Oh, Sorry. Too Graphic.

Lastly, and I can't show you a picture of this, is how they FEEL.
 They FEEL Horrible! 
So hard and unforgiving. Kind of like the Nuns in my School when I was naughty but we won't go there....
Very uncomfortable.
Just put them on your feet and you can FEEL the FAKE!
I guess the old adage holds true. 
"You Get What You Pay For."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drugstore Makeup

Ever planned a trip, Got there, Unpacked and then realize you forgot your makeup bag???
What to do? 
It's 11:00 p.m. and you have a 6:00 a.m. wakeup call and NO mall is open between the hours you have to get ready. You can't show up tomorrow with a bare face & no makeup. Is the world really ready for the cavewoman look? Uhm... NO!
What do you DO???? 
You head to the nearest CVS or 24/7 Walgreen's. 
Hey, Drugstore makeup is better than NO makeup at all, right? And brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Miliani, even NYC have really improved in the past few years. Heck I even wear a lot of drugstore products now and keep the MAC, YSL, Chanel, etc. stuffed in the drawer. 
I live on the edge, what else can I say.
L'Oreal's new Studio Secrets Primer is amazing! I love it and the price is right. I have YSL, Tarina Tarantino, and Cover F/X Primers but really like the Studio Secrets for staying power. It hides and diminishes imperfections. Glides on and it is priced so reasonably. 
Compare YSL at $45.00 to L'Oreal at $11.00. 

Next wonderful find is: 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Liquid Foundation. It goes on so easily with it's "Eraser-Like" Applicator and after buffing it on it really does leave your face with an airbrushed look. It has replaced my MAC and Chanel foundations simply because it WORKS!  
Talk about rewinding... Can they PLEASE make something to Rewind the husband???? Oh, that may be another post altogether. *sigh*

Another drug store find that I am using daily is L'Oreal Liner Intense Felt-Tip eyeliner pen.
This one makes creating that sexy Cat-Eye just plain as easy as drawing a line and filling it in. The long felt tip is so easy to use. To be honest, I used to struggle terribly getting that perfect cat-eye look but not with this new-found eyeliner. 
I am Cat-Woman~ Hear me ROAR!
 I LOVE this one and have put my MAC eyeliner away. 

L'Oreal has really stepped it up in my opinion and their Lash boosting Serum System Mascara is in one word...  AMAZING.
First you use the "primer" side. It's white and wonderful. It makes your lashes thick and defined and Loooong.  It has a lash boosting ingredient that lengthens your lashes with use. I just like it as a lash primer. If it makes my lashes longer... Bonus!
Flip it over for a perfect mascara with no flaking and long luscious lashes.
Way to go L'Oreal.
I hope you are never stuck in a situation and find you have nothing to use for make-up. 
I've been there and it is as unpleasant as it gets. 
I would honestly trade a day of water-boarding for a day with no makeup. 
J/K but No Thanks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SWAPS. My First One!

Is it ok to blog about a "Swap?"
A Swap is when two agreeing parties decide to ship each other their favorite makeup, nail polishes or just whatever  products they are loving at the time... Sound FUN, Huh?
Not sure but I just about to experience my very first Swap.
 I have read horror stories about people that agreed to swap with another girl for makeup, nail polish, etc.
It seems many times that one person sends really "good stuff" while the other may get short-sided with useless junk or even stiffed and get ZERO.
I had seen MakeupbyMel's gorgeous Models Own nail polish in "Lilac Dream" and tweeted asking if anyone knew the name of it and where to get it. It's a gorgeous soft Lilac color.
After going into complete panic mode and  searching online for it like a TSA searches through suspicious bags at the airport, I had an answer...!
That's right. A tweet from a complete stranger telling me she would gladly send it all the way from Europe! Yay! I had gone on the hunt and found TREASURE!
So... What do I do now?
I asked, "Is there anything I can send to YOU?"
My very FIRST Swap! I was "In." I had fallen straight into the Swap-Swamp! It actually made me a bit nervous. Would I measure up?  Could I truly enter the forbidden and scary world of "SWAP-VILLE?"
I waited on the tweet to come in....
Yes, she wondered if I could send her MAC To The Beach Marine Life Highlight Powder.
An easy request, right? Of Course I can and I will!

 Oh No! It was SOLD OUT!  Sold Out EVERYWHERE!
I went into complete panic mode! I could FAIL at my first Swap... Nooooooo.
Fix this! Find it! She was counting on me and I wanted/needed/dreamed of that "Lilac Dream" nail polish.
Do Not Give Up!
I called everywhere. I drove to the mall. I felt like a bloodhound searching for the lost.   Two days I searched.....
I Checked with every flight attendant I know around the country that was into makeup. Bingo!
I found one from my good friend and colleague based at LAX .
She actually found and could get her hands on TWO! A Dream Come TRUE!
I would not fail, I would be a hero!
My new found friend and fellow swapper sent me pictures and tweets of the pkgs she had just sent to me.
It was beginning and I was so Ready! I had the powder secured and all I had to do is pick it up. ✈  Like a Covert Spy, we met at the airport and made the exchange.
I paid the cash and got the goods! I peeked at the one to be mine and knew I was going to make someone a very happy girl. I got home and mailed the precious package.  Life felt so right. I was officially a Swapper!
A week passed..... I checked my mail and Oh My Goodness...
Three packages had arrived addressed to me from Europe. The thrill of opening those packages was like a Christmas Rush!  I felt like I was 6 years old again.
The items inside were endless!
So many things. Fun things. Useable things. It so FUN! It was so right.
 It was suddenly so WRONG. I had the Models Own polish in "Lilac Dream" and so very many other things as well.

Look at this beautiful haul of gorgeous SWAP-NESS
She had sent me SIX nail polishes OPI, Zoya, Models Own (all in beautiful shades)
The Long Dreamed About "Lilac Dream" Nail Polish (I wanted it SO Bad)
EOS LipBalm (that I had been coveting for weeks)
Lancome Hydrating Gel
Clinique Face Lotion
Clinique Exfoliator
2 Stila Lip Glosses
Revlon Lip Gloss
Britney Spears Perfume
Leave in Hair Treatment
Body Butter
Fun Tissues
Nail File
Bath Bead Capsules
And lastly a Purple Purse

All Treasures. All Wonderful. All Mine!

My stomach lurched. I  had sent a single little compact of powder! ONE!
O N E Compact.

It was too late! It had been mailed! How could I stop this train??? I was about to become the dreaded FAIL Swap!!! Nooooooooooooooooo.
My very First Swap and I dropped the Swap-Ball. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position with all of my swap-goodies and cry.
How do I fix this? Luckily, my fellow swap-ee was wonderful and understood. A quick trip to the YSL counter and a second package zipped off to Europe and all is well again in Swap-Ville.
Will I do it again?
You betcha! The thrill of opening that bag of goodies was just like Christmas!

Lesson Learned~  "It's better to Give Than to Receive"
PS. Thank You to my Wonderful Swapper. I hope you love the powder and the lipstick as much as I LOVE everything you sent. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

★ CLEAN Bright FACE ★ Look Younger

Ho Hum.
Boring Facial Cleansing Routine. Not an exciting subject, huh?
Well I thought same in my younger years. Now I know better. The single most important thing I do twice a day is washing my face and moisturizing.
The other day I got a comment on my last YouTube video about my recent facelift. WHAT?
I have never had such a thing. Not saying I won't someday but until that day comes, I will do what I can to preserve this one and only face I have. If I don't take care of it...
Here is a list of what I do and use, twice a day. No matter your age, You may not be worried about this NOW, but you should be!
"A Clean Face at Night and Your Face at 50 will be Bright" ~ by Lana
I made that up but it fits.

To Remove Eyemake:
I LOVE MAC Cosmetics Gently Off Eye & Makeup Remover.
Estee Lauder has an amazing Easy Off one as well.

Oil and water do mix, for twice the impact – just shake. A dual-phase, easy-does-it formula that sweeps off even tenacious waterproof mascara and lip colour. Absolutely gentle; suitable for all. Cucumber extract soothes, Damascus Rose flower water refreshes. No need to rinse

Next, Wash with Estee Lauder  Soft Clean and Follow with a good toner. When I think I have cleansed my face to perfection, I use a cosmetic pad soaked in Estee Lauder Soft Clean toner and I am amazed at how much YUCK is still there! Ewww!

After thorough Cleansing and with a still-damp face I apply Lumedia Facial Brightener and then Strivectin-D which is an Stretch Mark cream but was found to reduce wrinkles and improve over-all skin tone. AMAZING products. Now, I don't truly believe that any cream will magically make our wrinkles disappear but this product is as close an ANY I have ever used! At 54 years old, I get more compliments on my skin than I did when I was 34!!! Now That's HUGE!
Strivectin has actually dropped in price. I was paying $135.00 a tube for it but I added the link here to purchase it from Amazon for $75.00.
A Steal because it really does work! Great for MEN too!
The Lumedia Retails for $90.00 from the company but I have found it at TJ Maxx for $20.00 which is a steal.This product removes those ugly age spots that make your face look so much older than it is. If I had to choose between age spots and wrinkles, I think I'd take the wrinkles. Age spots just mar your entire look. No matter what your age, You have ONE face so Take Care of it like it's Your JOB!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bright ~ White Teeth ❤

Are you like me and your eyes go straight up looking at someones teeth as they talk?
I am notorious for this. I try to look away but can't.
Fortunately, these days yellow teeth are a thing of the past.
There are so many tooth whitening products on the market now.
It is saturated with them!
Thank You!
I began bleaching my teeth in the early 1980's. Oh, How I loved the 80's!
Products and procedures were expensive back then and not nearly as effective as todays technology in teeth whitening and bleaching.
Here are a few I have tried and loved.
First Nite White 22% or 16% whichever you prefer and how fast you want results.
I bought a football mouth guard at Walmart for $1.00 and made my own tray.
Money Saver~ Add the Night White at night into the tray and Viola'~ Instant whitening.

Basically, you get a tray, some Carbamide Peroxide Gel. No dental visits required. Easy. Breezy. Beautiful teeth in days not months.
Here is a really inexpensive effective product I just found on Amazon.com
AMAZING! I saw instant results in 30 minutes.
Why can't MEN be as wonderful as this stuff? WHY?
This takes your tooth whitening to a whole new level! Turbo FAST and results in days not weeks.

36% Professional Strength Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel only $12.99 from http://www.instantwhitesmile.com

CVS Has Pre-filled trays available for easy convenience. 
7 upper and 7 lower trays sell for under $30.00 and they really do work!

Last but certainly not least is Plus White 5 Minute Bleaching System.
You put this on your teeth ( I recommend doing this in the shower) and the foaming action begins! The peroxide in this product bubbles you up to Brilliant White teeth in no time!

              ❤   Smile On!