Sunday, July 25, 2010

Something So Sad

Today I saw something so sad I just had to blog about it.
I was running my usual errands which included shipping prizes from my contests out so I was at my local Post Office. There was this pitiful looking elderly gentleman there looking lost and confused. 
Well, as you all know me... Always wanting to help and thinking I can save the world 
(I can't) and help my fellow man, I asked him if he needed help with something as he was mumbling and seemed very distraught.
He took my offer of help. 
He asked me what the envelope he held in his hands said. 
I peered at his writing so shaky and small in the corner of the tattered and worn envelope. It said  simply "$20" in a scraggly script. 
What did that mean? This man looked like he hadn't eaten in days and seemed so frail and my heart just lurched for him. He had a stack of cash he was pulling out and envelopes all written with an amount in the corners of each. He was trying to decipher what amounts went in which envelopes. 
My first reaction was "No! Don't send cash through the mail!"
Was he sending the last of his Social Security check to a family member?
Upon  further inspection, I saw that these envelopes were not just envelopes of cash he was sending to a long lost relative or friend, but to those creepy scam places that say "Send me $20.00 and I will send you a $1,000,000.00. 
I was mortified. 
Here was a poor aged person with nothing giving these low lifes all he had to give and in return he was to only sit home and wait for all that imaginary cash to come rolling in. 
We all know that will NEVER happen.
I felt the need to do something! Stop this!
A small crowd was gathering. He was getting so upset. He wanted to keep stuffing cash into envelopes. Everyone was telling me to make him understand. 
I told him 
"This is a scam. 
You can't give your money to these people. 
They are feeding off your hopes and your dreams. 
You are not going to win anything or be sent anything. 
His response... "I have to TRY. I need food.  I am about to lose my house and they send me these letters everyday so it must be real. 
I WILL win."
By now the Postmaster had come to investigate. He told me not to get involved. 
Not get involved???? 
He said it happens everyday and it's legal! Senior citizens getting scammed by the bottom feeders in society. 
By now the poor older man was about in tears trying to figure out HOW much to send each envelope of money to these scum-suckers.
He wouldn't listen. I decided I would scam the scammers.
He asked me how much for the next envelope? I told him. 
I began pulling out five dollar bills and helping him stuff those into the envelopes that said $20 or $50. He was not going to be denied the chance to "win."
By the end of it he had sent out far less than his thieves were asking him to send them.
I took the rest of his cash and pressed it into his hand and made him promise me he would use it towards food for himself. 
He said he would.
I hope he does.
I pray he does.
I think from now on... I may have to hang out in Post Offices all over the country to stop this from happening. The elderly are getting suckered while the thieves sit and watch the cash flow in.  
How can we NOT get involved. Our elderly are the forgotten ones. They deserve better.
So Very  Sad.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Lips Alternative

Have you seen those gorgeous 
"Old-School" Pin-Up Looks? 
You know, like Marilyn Monroe? 
Even today's hot stars ~ 
Scarlett Johansson or Drew Barrymore. *sigh*

I love that perfect Red lip color but I just can NOT pull it off. It makes me look Garish and Cheap. 
Not a good look for me or for anyone. 
I envy those that CAN pull it off and look so Glamorous.
Here is an alternative that can make you look and feel like a star without looking like a hooker.

I lined my lips with my favorite lipliner in Estee Lauder "Cafe Rose"  just outside of the natural lip line.... Not too far. 
Don't want the Dreaded 
"Trout-Pout" Look.
Fill in your lips with MakeUpForever lipliner in Fuchsia 16c. Gorgeous bright color. 
Add a lighter color such as Saint Germain by MAC to the pout to make your lips looks fuller and add dimension.  Helps to Neutralize all of that BRIGHT Pink.
Viola'... Sexy Pin-Up Girl look without the "hooker" thing happening. 
FUN for summer and goes with everything!
PS. Using Lip Liners for Lipsticks makes your lip color last SO much longer! HUGE!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christian Louboutin's ~ REAL vs FAKE

Ok, I am called the Shoe Queen and I will wear that title proudly and with good honor. 

 So, here's the story. 
I got a FABULOUS pair of Christian Louboutin's from my adoring and smart husband for Christmas. After many requests on my YouTube Channel, I did a Christmas Haul video showing my lovely treasures. 
One item was a much coveted pair of Christian Louboutin's. 
(I had seen these on Housewives of Orange County and hinted like a madwoman what I wanted. Size, color, store, EVERYTHING)
Anyway, I had one of my wonderful subscribers message me to tell me they were FAKE? 

No Way! I saw a quickie trip to Reno Nevada for a divorce in my near future.... 
He would never buy me a fake. 
Or Would he? Whaaaaaaah.
I had the receipt, the original box, the sleeper bag, and the shoes so off to Saks I went with my questionable shoes. Well, guess what? They WERE Fakes but my dear hubby was off the hook because even the store had been duped.  
This is how they do it....
Seems a very conniving person buys a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. They take the new shoes and the receipt out of the store. 
No problems... Yet. 
Then, in the meantime they have purchased a replica of the same shoe usually made in China or who knows where. They then take the FAKE shoes and the REAL receipt, box etc. into the store and exchange for the REAL shoes. 
Some poor sucker like ME ends up with the FAKES and the criminal ends up with a 
"Two for One" pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes.  Holiday time is notorious for these swindlers to get away with their creepy crimes.
This is NOT something I would try if I were you. 
A quick trip to sit in the slammer with Lindsay Lohan? No Thanks! (Sorry LiLo)
(No matter how good Christian Louboutin shoes look, they can't make Prison Orange look Sexy or Stylish!)
Sak's 5th Avenue was so wonderful in taking back my FAKES and since they didn't have the coveted REAL shoes in my size, I got my money back and purchased the YoYo's instead. Sad but relieved. Imagine some poor soul that didn't have sharp, educated, YouTube Subscribers like I do? They would be walking around with inferior shoes and never know the difference except....
Here are the differences:
Yes, I stooped so low as to pay $97 for a FAKE pair to see and tell you the differences I could spot.

1st) The red sole is so dull and not nearly as vibrant as the REAL red sole created by Mr. Louboutin. He came up with this signature red sole when he was working in Paris and would see the Prostitutes working their beat on Montmartre and Pigalle Streets in the Meat Packing District, Paris. 
At the end of the night, the soles of their hooker heels would be bright red from walking thru the blood.
Ugh. My Lunch just lurched.
Oh well now that I've made us both ill... I love his shoes but hate the FAKES.
2nd) The flap in the seam in the back. Can you tell the FAKE? 
Which of These is Not Like The Others?
Look at the really poor quality workmanship on the FAKES.

See the ripples and bumps?
These have more lumps and bumps than my Cellulite Encrusted Butt!
Oh, Sorry. Too Graphic.

Lastly, and I can't show you a picture of this, is how they FEEL.
 They FEEL Horrible! 
So hard and unforgiving. Kind of like the Nuns in my School when I was naughty but we won't go there....
Very uncomfortable.
Just put them on your feet and you can FEEL the FAKE!
I guess the old adage holds true. 
"You Get What You Pay For."