Friday, July 1, 2011

We're Going To Blow Something UP Today!

Friday 10:00 a.m.
4th of July Weekend
4th Radiation Treatment

Today is a 3 day weekend so we will get a small reprieve from the grueling schedule of 3 doctor appointments, scans, blood tests, and consults a day. 
Thank You God!

One less day to shrink cancer cells. 
Henry had his brain CT Scan yesterday and I have to admit it has been weighing on my mind. Heavily.  Like a ten ton Boeing 757.

While he was in having the scan, the tech came out to the waiting room to gently ask me to move to a different room way down the hall. 
Why? What's wrong? Are they afraid I will hear something? 
Some word or hint that the tumor has traveled to my husband's brain?
I keep peeking out of my long distance waiting room. I see what looks like a gurney with a body on it but it's heading in the opposite direction of the MRI Imaging room my husband is in. Whew.

I see the woman that hugged me from the very 1st Radiation treatment. She doesn't seem as upbeat today as she was on Tuesday. Her eyes seem to light up just a hint when she spots me.  She slowly, painfully comes nearer. 
"How are you?" I ask.
In a bare whisper she tells me her sister is coming for the Holiday weekend. 
I say in response. She seems so down today. 
So Dim. Unlike the glowing angel  that God seemed to have sent before. 
"Yes, it will be good to see her. She will have gotten back from a cruise to Alaska. I was supposed to go on that trip but Lung Cancer stopped me. I found out I had it the day after we bought the tickets."
"Oh, but you can go with her on the next trip!" I say with a lighthearted grin.
"Darlin, there will not be any more trips for me. I was just told my cancer has spread to my brain."

Not her brain. My husband is in the room down the hall getting his radiation treatment and we are waiting to get the results if this has traveled to his brain too.
Please not him. Please not HER! God WHY?
Beautiful, normal, kind people should not ever get this disease. No one should! 
Send it to Al Qaeda. Bottle it and give it to baby killers not these gentle souls!
She hugs me again only today she seems so weak.  She takes my face in both her hands and says "It's Gods way. I am not afraid. I'm tired. You fight. It's life. Life is Good."
Her eyes are so beautiful and she slowly walks away.
I hope I see her again. You see, I'm not a newbie today. I am beginning to feel like a veteran now. 4 days down and 36 more to go.
My husband has been gone a while. Too long. 
Hmmm. A nurse comes to get me. Oh God. 
The results of the Brain Scan?
I walk with her back into a long corridor. I see my husband sitting slumped low in a chair. He looks as nervous as I do.  Dread.
I have decided that IF this vile cancer has spread to his brain we will need to have a talk about a whole different direction. Chemo can not KILL cancer cells in the brain, Radiation only SHRINKS them. My husband only has the ONE shot at radiation. His spinal cord is dangerously close to being fried the way it is. To add more to his head would be too much and chemo can't touch it. Why go thru ALL of the pain and torture of Radiation and chemo only to die of brain cancer in a few months anyway?  Decisions.
The nurse leaves us alone together in the room and softly closes the door. The oncologist will be in shortly. All we can do is stare at each other across the room. What words can you possibly say to each other when gripped in absolute fear? The results of this test are holding our near future in the balance.

When I say go in a whole new direction... I mean to do nothing. Just let the cancer eat him alive and the tumors will suffocate him. 
Death in 3 minutes but a very rough 3 minutes. 

Tick tick tick. I can hear the clock on the wall. It seems as if we are suspended in time and fear. Waiting.
Footsteps outside the door. No!
Don't open the door. Stay Out! Go Away!
We can just live in this room forever. No one enter. 
If the door remains closed, it will not come to us. 
My heart has stopped as the doctor comes in and sits down in her swivel chair and pulls it close with it's squeaky wheels that seem so loud as they scrape along the linoleum.
She takes my husband's hand.
"Henry, How are you feeling? Any concerns?"
Concerns? CONCERNS?
He can't even verbalize it.  I stand up. 
Quickly Erect. 

"What does the Brain Scan show?" I seemed to scream it. High pitched and desperate. Feral.

"Your Brain Scan shows NOTHING" she says. 
"We will proceed as normal."

The sighs of relief in the room are palpable. Our eyes lock in a second of victory. It hasn't spread!

I swear to each and every one of you that has read this and uttered even a short prayer to God above that what you have done is a miracle and I am so thankful. Positivity. The notes and letters have been our lifeline. We feel you with us. We know we are not alone. Each and every one of you is with us on this journey and we welcome you.  You seem to be behind us... Pushing us. Forward. Strength from You.
We Thank You!

I got the 20 years I had lost in these last worried days back today.
We are going to go out BLOW Something UP!!!!!!
Life is Good.
Tuesday we get a second opinion. The doctor we are going to see is the one that treated Lance Armstrong and he is in remission. (The cancer had spread to his brain as well but he beat it!)
 Our good friend and former Indianapolis Colts Quarterback pulled some major strings and got us in to see her. The usual wait time is months not days. This same doctor successfully treated his mother with Breast Cancer. 
Thank You!
(Do you notice a pattern here? All of these remarkable doctors are Women!) Education.


  1. Congratulations on your first victory!!!

    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, enjoy yourselves! :-)

    All the best,
    Natascha xxx

  2. Lana So good to hear that it hasn't spread. I do hope and pray you get some good news and maybe a better plan when you get the second opinion. My prayers and with you and Henry . I pray for you every day and night. Love and Prayers ...♥

  3. Thank God for today's good news, Lana and Henry. Right now you have something good to hold onto, you can go forward with renewed hope. You have this other wonderful doctor to see now and things are much more positive. Today is a brighter day. A day at a time ....
    Carole x

  4. I am so sorry that you and Henry have to go through such a grueling day, 5 days a week. So happy though that you found out some good news today. I have been praying for something good to happen like this for you both. Now you and Henry can continue the fight and move forward in the treatment plan without the dreaded thought. Of this spreading to his brain. Miracles do happen and I know you just had one here. I continue my prayers and know that God is with you in this fight as well as I am. Push forward Lana & Henry, push forward! Biggest Hugs!

  5. ...praise the Lord!!!...enjoy your weekend and I will be praying for complete healing for your sweet, dear Henry...Love, Bridget (youtube name: lucky123missy)

  6. Thank goodness...I was gripping the chair waiting for that result just like you were I am sure.
    We just adore you and Henry...Keep up that positive attitude..It works! It worked with my grandmother!
    Go blow up some fireworks and CELEBRATE the small victories, and the good news.
    Happy Fourth of July you two...You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers each day!

  7. angels are with you and Henry , we all are praying you both are lifted out of this ! i think about you Lana a lot please take care of yourself also you must remember ,now your strength is his too !! lots of love from Michael&Audrey !!

  8. Oh Lana! Thank God for good news!! Enjoy the weekend and blow tons of things up picturing each are cancer cells. Good luck with the second opinion I will keep hoping and praying for you and Henry.

  9. Miracles - those are the things we need to believe in and hope for. Power of prayer - it works. Faith - not only does it see us through tough times, it gets us through our daily lives. Friendship - who else do we turn to and lean on in good time and bad? Love - that's what I feel for you and Henry.

  10. dearest lana, john steinbeck once said that a sad soul can kill you quicker than any germ; stay positive and never let your souls lose hope and become sad!! love is the greatest of miracles; i send you my love. xoxoxo

    twitter handle: @patriciatriicia

  11. So glad you got great news!! Still thinking and praying for you both.
    ziplockcan (cathy)

  12. Congratulations!! I am so happy to hear the news. I check your blog everyday. Reading these posts I cry, laugh, smile, get angry. And that's all just from reading your words I cannot imagine going through this day by day. You are such a strong woman! Your husband and you WILL fight this! And we will all be here praying for only the best. Sending you both the best and most positive wishes! Hope the weekend is good, enjoy yourselves. All of this appointments are so stressful! <3

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  14. lana you hit rock bottom, the road is long but fuck i hope you continue on your way and its all up from here sweetheart.

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  16. I was on the edge reading this, I was scared to read the results......I feel as if your one of my loved ones. I cried happy tears at the results!!!! Stay strong, you have plenty behind to push when you feel your getting tired. Henry will beat this!!!!

  17. Awesome, awesome news! Have a fantastic weekend! xoxo Jan

  18. Lana, I say a prayer for you each day. Glad you got some good news and hope for more.

  19. I'm crying tears of relief. God is good. You have not left my thoughts and the prayers for both of you continue. Sending love and light. ~Sharyn

  20. WOOOHOOO!! YAY! YIPPY! YESSSS!! This is a weekend to blow stuff up for sure.. Blow some stuff up and get out ANY agression, fear, etc. and then when it explodes in the sky view it as bits of those cells exploding AWAY and creating a BEAUTIFUL picture of your future HEALTHY, HAPPY, ALIVE, TOGETHER!!! Each firework can be symbolic for the two of you.

    I'm SO beyond excited to hear that it hasn't spread to his brain.. remember, Lana & Mr. Indiana... small baby steps.. small victories... they WILL all lead to a victory over the entire battle. Have faith it will. I'm so excited and happy for the two of you that I have goosebumps. It was SO nice to hear something positive coming forward for you two.

    Pixie Polish

  21. WHEEEEW HUUUUUU!!! Thank you GOD!!
    First in the long line of blessings and good news coming your way people so get use to it!! Celebrate and let it raise up your strength and positivity!!! Today is a GOOD DAY!

  22. Samantha samlsvgs@gmail.comJuly 1, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    Sending you love, hugs and a happy thought for the day. Have a sweet friday.

  23. It brought tears to my eyes when I read that the scan showed 'nothing'! I'm so happy for you both. Another blessing sent your way! Enjoy this victory and celebrate this holiday weekend! I'll be thinking of you and praying that God will continue to shine his light upon you both!

  24. I can already see it coming. You're gonna do a video with the husband once this is all over.

    :) Hugs Lana

  25. Praise God, Lana, from all all blessings flow.

    "Even though I walk through the valley of the
    shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me..."

    Will continue to pray for you two pilgrims
    as you make your way on this journey...
    Keep looking for our awesome God
    and He will direct your is ALL in his
    hands and the outcome is the perfect one.

    "Turn to me and be gracious to me,
    for I am lonely and afflicted.
    The troubles of my heart are enlarged;
    bring me out of my distresses.
    Consider my affliction and my trouble,
    and forgive all my sins."


  26. Dear Lana, rest and recharge this wk-end. I'm so glad you and Henry had good news, Thank the Lord.Its amazing how the good Lord puts these extradinary people in your lives to ease your burdens. Take care friends,xoxo, Klaire (1guiltfree)

  27. Praise God and the doctors and nurses!! Henry you keep fighting, don't give up.. you have way more life ahead of you with that gorgeous women by your side. I am elated for you both.. God's will shines through and has carried you both this far... hang in there.. fight the good fight.. hold tight to each other and remember to breath! I love you!!


  28. This is such amazing news Lana!! A light at the end of the tunnel at last :) You 2 deserve this nice relaxing holiday weekend- enjoy the warm weather, and each other! Praying for you all every step of the way!
    Wendy, BentleyBlonde

  29. Thank you Jesus!!! Continued prayers...

  30. Renee (passionknitgirl)July 1, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    Praying,'s INDEPENDENCE Day, right? Let freedom RING!

  31. Ciao Lana,

    Great news... for you and for Henry... Praise God!! I am so happy to hear this good news that the cancer has not spread. Now... we need a healing in the body... for this... I am still storming heaven for, and be prepared for a blessing from God.

    "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering towards us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance." 2 Peter 3:9 NKJV

    You are truly, as always, in my heart, thoughts and prayers daily.

    Big hugs and kisses to you both.

  32. Lana ~

    Your good news is GREAT BIG GOOD NEWS!! Funny stories about Henry yesterday and good brain scan results's enough to make this girl feel downright giddy! LOL! Let the love that you share this weekend do the work that the radiation cannot even touch. The scripture says that a merry heart does good like put on some funny stuff and laugh this weekend and enjoy every second of being with each other. Positive for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks AND dessert!!

    Sent a message...need more info.
    Love you, sweet one!


  33. congrats on the clean scan, that is such awesome news (i know the category of "awesome news" really gets broad sometimes.) i hope the radiation/chemo combo will get him through this and out the other side. i'm keeping you both in my thoughts

  34. God bless you both, and much love. Never give up on God, you are His children. If ever you feel like giving up, always remember to find God, and believe in Him. Lots of love and prayers. ~Jasmin<3

  35. WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! *does a happy dance*
    I am virtually hugging and kissing you both right now! My daughter and I read every word and check your blog often each day. Our whole family is praying for you both. I think we are gonna celebrate tonight. Ice cream for everyone!
    Love you guys
    Heather in AZ. aka Talerareniah.

  36. That IS good news!! It must feel like wind in your sails right now. You and Henry needed this hopeful news! Have a beautiful weekend, Lana, and enjoy each moment :-). - Tammy

  37. Holy Cow! That's the second bit of good news I've had today, unprecedented for me.

    Okay, I'm ready, where are we going, what are we blowing up, can I bring some bottle rockets?

  38. Can you hear the cheering rising up from all of us rooting for you from the sidelines?! I feel such relief for you both, have a wonderful weekend and rejoice in this victory, you dodged a bomb sweet people, now we'll pray while you get through the land mines. For now rest...


  39. Yay! So happy to hear your news today! Tell Henry to keep picturing all of our prayers and love blasting away any disease in his body!!! :) I can only imagine what good you two will do for this world when all of this is in the past and he is recovered. You both are good souls......... we all will keep the prayers and well wishes coming!!! :)

  40. What AMAZING news!!! I am so happy for you both. You can and will beat this. Others before you have done it and together you two will overcome this and one day the hindsight will add value to your life and strengthen your bond in a way that little else could. It is going be tough for awhile but if you don't give up, you will perservere. You talk about the comments and support of everyone pulling for you but I guarantee the numbers are so much larger than you know. Everything you two are going through now, the feeding tubes, the appointments, all of it will not define you as individuals once this has been beaten. Just don't let what is going to take place defeat you. You just can't let it, no matter how small it makes you feel, or how helpless, or how weak you have to show up and stand your ground on that battlefield.

    **Pulling for you both in Minnesota!

  41. Henry and Lana, keep you're hopes up, miracles do happen! Every day i come to you're blog. Thank you for keeping us up to date and sharing this with us! still praying for Henry!

  42. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay at last a flicker in the darkness, Come on Henry you can kick this tumours hairy backside now no worries :0) Love and prayer to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJoolsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. Oh Lana, I'm so happy to hear some good news for you both. I know how desperately you needed it. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend and every firecracker that goes up in my neighborhood this weekend, I'm going to imagine is a celebration for you and Henry! Hang in there, more good news to come, I really feel it! Peg~

  44. So happy to hear you finally got some good news! Leaving for a Upper Peninsula of Michigan backcountry hiking trip for the weekend and I just had to check and see how you were doing today. I'll be thinking of you and your husband. Every time I see a breathtaking view, I'll try to send some of that positive energy your way.

    Wonderful news on getting in with the excellent doctor, sometimes that really can make all of the difference. Keep fighting the fight, I'm feeling like you have more good news ahead.

    Now go blow some stuff up!!! :)

    -Rachel/plugrapls on YT

  45. Amazing! I'm so relieved. You are so strong Lana, you're doing all the right things. Still sending prayers and sending you positive energy throughout the days. Love you guys, HUGS.

  46. Miracle ONE - many more coming your way - I just know it!! Praise the Lord - can't wait to hear about the next one...hugs to you both!! ♥♥♥

  47. I know God is able--Isn't it something when we get to know God in this way..a way in whereas no one can tell U God can not do what U know God can do..U can then say "don't tell me prayer doesn't work" In this U become a knowers-U now really know it does work. when we experience our journeys of life- we become knowers of.--This is not to say we know all things-However we do know what we know..Lana & Henry we none know what our journey to life holds in its experiences--However in this U can b sure-Ur life journeys holds life..The journey is over when the life has end..I feel that U two have embarked upon a new journey in life living.. I believe because of Ur life journey before U met Ur husband and because of Ur husband's life journey before he met U- This then has equipped U two to face this life joureny together..He could not do this without U..Just as there r things U could not have done without him and do not want to do without him.. On our jourenys of life- we joureny upon each other to live life--In knowing this U can look Henry in his eyes and say "We Shall Live And Not Die" Say to Ur precious big strong husband-"Our Joureny Will Not End Here..-Life is calling. We must feel life living in our jourenys no matter what life experience r telling us..As long as we have life--"We Must Live And Not Die"- We R Living To Live Again ~ Stay Well ~ psjlife

  48. Thank God for today's blessing!! You speak of all the support, care and love you two have received. Well, I believe that we get back what we put out into the world, we reap what we sow. I believe that you're just beginning to see the returns of support, love and goodness that you both have given. No, I don't know personally what you have done in life but I sense that you have a lot more blessings to reap.

    I will be seeing this July 4th as Henry and Lana's Independence Day. Please try to relax and enjoy. My prayers continue for you both as well as all the treating physicians and specialist.

  49. Hi Henry and Lana!

    Wow! Great news! I,like so many are following this journey with you. Your daily blogs broke my heart,stopped my heart and today's blog filled my heart with hope for you both.

    Cancer has taken my grandmother and her twelve siblings,three aunts an uncle and now my Mother. Let me add my aunt was 81 as was my Mom. So, I will be waiting for beauty tips for 80 year olds on YouTube and words of wisdom from Henry when your both basking in the glory of your golden years.

    Got to run, on my way to blow them up and light up the sky right along with you two. Have a wonderful and hope filled time. May God hold you both close and give you peace.

    JanH. @JJandles. (twitter)

  50. I am so so glad that you got some good news!

  51. How can someone that I never met and when I saw her for the 1st time on YouTube I thought: "Who is this blonde over 50 with too much eye makeup and bling bling and why would I watch her channel except for the fact that all we have in common is that I'm over 50 as well?". Well I kept on watching because you made me smile, you didn't take yourself too seriously and that's exactly how one should feel at our age. However now, even though we've never met, I follow your journey with sadness in my heart and hope for a miracle. I"m 54 and my Henry is named Richard and we have a 15 year old son who is everything to us. And I'm afraid too because life is so very fragile. I think of you Lana, of your infectious smile and joie de vivre and hope that a miracle will be granted to you and Henry. Stay strong and let others help you out, don't bear the cross alone. Henry needs you. Love Francine

  52. See? Prayer, prayer and faith my dear Lana and husband. I keep praying for you guys. Miracles DO happen. God bless you.

  53. May God bless and continue to look after your husband. Take comfort in his grace and all of us who are praying for the two of you. Sending you much love and prayer. S.M.

  54. Something told me to get online tonight for a completely different reason but I came to watch some of your videos I havent recently and I started reading your blog.....I had no idea of the things you are going through. You and Henry are in my prayers. Keep your head up and remember, its the little victories that help to win the war. Much love!!!!

  55. Yes....YES!!!!!.....(((( tears falling)))) happy tears....sending u both hip hip huraaaaahssss~

  56. Praise God!!! Now you and Henry can have a positive and loving weekend together. Take the time to recharge your energy, and just enjoy one another's company. What a true miracle that God has given-- just when you needed it the most. This is the best news!! God bless you both! I love you, Lana. ~Marilyn ♥

  57. Thrilling news!!! I bet that's put the jaunt back in your step a little bit.
    Hopefully it gives Henry a bit of a recharge too and he can channel it towards getting rid of the other tumors.

    Still thinking of you and praying!

  58. YAY! This is an amazing victory but only the start; I am hoping for many more for you to come! Congratulations on this blessing of good news! xxxxPatti

  59. Hi Lana and Henry,

    Such a good day! Praise God! It's such a joy to see how God is showing you He is there by your side..... wherever you are. And so funny to hear how He is allowing some humor along the way. And yes, I really do believe God has a sense of humor.

    Today my hubby and I spent our day together picking out granite and tile for the whole kitchen remodel we are in the process of doing. It was quite fun...even tho the temperatures outside were 100 degrees of pure hotness. In the midst of our fun, you two rarely left my mind. I hope that doesn't sadden you. It blesses my heart to be able to send my prayers and wishes out to our God just for you. You see, I have grown to love you even though I don't know you....but then again I feel I do know you. So weird....but good. :o)

    Thanks for sharing your stories.They made me laugh. Wouldn't have thought that possible.

    Until next time...


  60. Great news today! Celebrate ! One day a time. Hugs sue

  61. Continued blessings for you and Henry. Hope the good news help you enjoy the July 4th weekend a little bit. I'm going to light another candle for you and all those that are suffering from this beastly disease. Love and hugs.

  62. Huge victory! You two keep fighting with all you got and we will keep praying. We love you both, you are in our hearts and prayers.

  63. Enjoy your time together this weekend. Good thoughts are being sent your way.

  64. I can't get that green goat out of my mind. Every time I try to go to sleep, instead of sheep I see green goats!

  65. YAY!!!! That is great news Lana, This cancer is gonna get an ass kicking that's for sure!!! Of course as always still praying and sending positive and healing energy to you and Henry
    take care beautiful xxx

  66. JessicaMarie52108July 2, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    I light candles for your husband every night and pray. This is the first victory of many to come!!! Have a wonderful 4th together :))

  67. If I felt that kind of releif just reading this, I can only imagine your flood of feeling after pinching everything off while waiting...this is INDEED wondrous and beautiful. Squish him and let him squish you.

  68. Lana,

    This is all such GREAT news! I am so happy for your blessing today. I know God won't stop there. He will keep blessing you. Today is a good day. Wallow in your good news. Keep your hopes high, and your faith higher.


    God is laying so many great things in front of you. I know you and Lana are so grateful. Keep fighting. Keep praying. God bless.

    Love always,

  69. Oh Lana you have no idea (well actually you do) how relived I feel to hear the good news. You and your husband deserve the best! I'm keeping the prayers going and just remember to have faith. Xoxo from New Mexico!!

  70. With your personality & Henrys sense of humor I have a feeling your not talking small firecrackers going off here!:D Have a wonderful weekend.

  71. Lana, I'm very happy for you both. Enjoy this good news, and prepare yourselves for the rest of the war against this disease. Still, I'm a little bit sad about the woman you met at the hospital. At least she shows to have faith in God, and that her disease is God's decision. She, not being able to spend time with her family, take some vacations, to travel and enjoy life... Maybe she is enjoying life in some way... but well, I don't know, I also think of her :( Anyway, congratulations to Henry John, this is very good news. I pray he will live long with you, dear Lana, at his side. Be happy, both of you !

  72. Good news! Lana I am so happy for you and Henry, I am sure that together we can make wonderful things happen. Positive thinking Yay!

  73. Oh Lana...I breathed a sigh of relieve when I read this. So thankful for prayers being answered!!! Love you guys and we will continue to pray and believe for more victories in the days to come!

    Love and Prayers,

  74. lana, a big light today :) thank you god for this victory !! stay strong as we are all thinking of you and enjoy the moment
    shirly (israel)

  75. Oh my God, this weekend was made so much better by reading this post. Thank goodness for this, dearest Lana and Henry, I pray you two have some peace over the next couple of days. I love you.

  76. Lana and Henry, I join the hundreds if not thousands of well wishers who are praising God today for your great news. God is Good. May your holiday weekend be the break you both so very much deserve. May God continue his blessings upon you. ~ Kim

  77. Oh Lana that is WONDERFUL news!! I got home late last night and did not get to read your post. I just got up and came straight to the computer to see how Henry was doing. I am so happy for the both of you. He is going to BEAT this! I am also happy that you get a few days to yourselves. You need this time to spend together. Live life! Prayers and thoughts are with you both everyday! xoxoxoxoxo

  78. Yes! Hurray! Oh Lana, that's such good news!!! Please, please, please, keep on fighting. This is just a baby step, but it's a BIG baby step. You know we're out here, we're behind you, and we won't stop until Henry is free of this crap. I'm sorry to hear about your Angel friend, I wish there was something I could do for her as well. I think I'll add her in my prayers, too. :-) Now go and have a wonderful and fun weekend. Laugh and dance and have a knock 'em down good time. Know I'm sending you both sparkles, twinkles, glitter, pixie dust, hugs and love. Take care and God Bless You both....

  79. thinking of you this weekend. x0x0x0x

  80. Lana and Henry:
    I pray for you every single night, and morning and afternoon. I cry when I read about your little victories. But they are not little victories. They are BIG! Keep Marching forward!
    God Bless
    ~Tera D

  81. I held my breath all the way through this post. So glad the news was good.
    Mental Hugs,

  82. Remember ladies, your candle burns out after 48 hrs. Please continue to light and pray, especially over this wonderful holiday weekend.

  83. Lana just remember to stay strong! You can do this, I know you can! You're a strong woman and God will get you through this! Just know that I, along with hundreds of other women are right behind you. Your husband will get through this horrible, horrible disease! We love you! xoxoxoxo

  84. Dear Lana - your fellow Hoosier here to say that I finally got smart enough to check your blog instead of just the sub on youtube... I read through the entire "journey" and have cried at your hurt, and Henry's. I am now sending you cyber hugs and energy, filled with love and God's light. It kills me that you the very person who has brought me hours of joy with your silly self, is in such pain and fear. I know there are many women here who wish we could reach out and each take a piece of that pain so you would be able to heal - yourself and Henry. We are here for you... reach out to all those who want to help you - so you can be strong for him. Love to you - Peggy Jo

  85. Dear Lana, today I watched this amazing talk from cancer survivor and I thought it might help keep you motivated and kicking

    Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave

  86. YEA!!!
    Im so Happy for this Great News!!
    Lots of Love and ((hugs)) !!
    Your in my Prayers and Good Thoughts!
    As always with Kindness your friend from `Viva Las Vegas.. Lorrie xxxx

  87. YESSSSS!!!!!! I nearly shouted out with joy when I read the great news!!! Now kick ASS, Lana and Henry!! You've got some work ahead of you, and an army behind you. We got your back...

    Calvikingchick YT

  88. Today you experienced one small whisper of what God can do. I'm believing that you two need to buckle up and hold on cause you have not even begun to see the tip of the miracles that God is going to work in your lives.
    So many ppl are banging on the gates of heaven and praying for Henry. I have total faith that God will answer our prayers.
    I hope that you have an amazing 4th.

  89. Your heartfelt writings are amazing and I thank you for sharing your deepest fears with us. I feel and I'm sure everybody else here feels that we too are in that room with you. I am so touched by the story of the woman and her husband that you keep crossing paths with. So many untold stories, so many good people.
    Well your Henry has managed to kick some cancer butt this weekend and may it continue. Henry keep on fighting, you are an inspiration to us all. May the angels light the path before you.

  90. Hi Lana and Henry, every day I pray for you and your family that your husband will be this awful cancer and that your life's will return back to normal, and that Henry will beat this cancer ASAP!!! I also wanted to let you know that you are my hero and favorite YouTube guru if it wasn't for you sending me that eye shadow shaper I wouldn't even know how to do eyeshadow thank you.
    Melanie Luedtke 

  91. Ohhhhh Lana I was THRILLED to read of your awesome news today! Praising God for the miracle He has given you today!! I have been praying for you both daily. Hugs to you both and praying you have a great weekend and get some much needed rest!!!
    Love to you both.

  92. Fantastic! so good to hear something is going your way, lets just hope that you can enjoy somewhat of a normal weekend, and truly live just for today, without the fears and battles of the past few weeks and those you still face weighing you down.
    We're all behind you, and the love that we give is all we can offer, but lets hope it keeps you somewhat afloat!
    Huge hugs and kisses to you bothxxx

  93. that was such wonderful news it actually made my day today... ive been saying prayers to st jude for you and henry, and ill continue until you beat the bastard that is C! love always!

  94. The older I become, the more I know that anything is possible in our lives. So many things have happened that we don't understand. I used to think that believing in miracles was foolish...but not anymore. Call it a miracle from God, fate, chance, positive energy, whatever! A woman here in New Orleans was diagnosed many years ago with stage 4 liver cancer, with tumors having developed in her brain. She was very close to death, but she prayed to Father Seelos (now St. Seelos??). She died many years later of an unrelated disease. KEEP THE FAITH, YOU TWO!!!!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

  95. Hi Lana,
    I am so pleased to hear of your first little victory in your battle to beat this wretched cancer.You and Henry must have been so relieved that the cancer had not spread to the brain.Baby steps and little victories along the way until you blast that cancer right out of Henry's body! It is so nice to know your husband's name.It will make such a difference when we all pray that we can say his name.Enjoy your weekend together without Henry being poked and prodded.You are in my thoughts constantly,Dear Lana and Henry. I have come to love you, and I will keep praying for Henry to be rid of this cancer forever.
    Big hugs to you both,rest and take care.Julia xxxx xxxx

  96. Praise God!!!!! I'm sosososooooo happy that you got such wonderful news!!! We are still praying away, hope the second opinion gives you even better news!! Much love, Ria :)

  97. I am just sending love and good wishes. Enjoy blowing things up! : )

  98. YEEEIIII! praise God! I'm so happy for your news! Since I I knew your case I've been thinking about you and your husband, and life itself. I've been praying non stop for a miracle, and lighting candles on the internet and in real life. We'll probably never meet, but that doesn't mean that your story moves me and that I'm beyond happy for your news! God will heal your precious husband! Best wishes!!

  99. Just lit another candle and said another prayer for y'all on this holiday weekend.

    Henry and Lana's candle, please light one here:

  100. Oh my gosh I sighed a loud sigh of relief when I read that! Oh dear Lana and Henry I will continue to say prayers and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends and family.

  101. Dearest Lana and Henry,

    I am so happy I can't stop crying, the tears just won't stop and I am so so grateful to almighty God for listening to us all, for hearing our desperate pleas to give you and your husband a break. I can't write coherently just now.....I'm a bumbling bag of excitement. Congratulations, big warm hug and kiss to you both. Our prayers won't stop, no time to be complacent!!!
    Affectionately yours, Leyla xxxooo

  102. This is such a relief Lana!! I'm so glad nothing was found!! i was once in the same position when i was 24 i started loosing my sight. doctors told me i might have a tumor, they had done the MRI and i was so scared! i actually was alone that time, just moved to different country and all my family couldn't be with me. your hubby is so lucky he has you!! i pray for him!!

  103. Ciao Lana,

    Just checking in on you today to see if you had posted anything new on your blog, and also to let you know that I am always keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers.

    Wishing you many wonderful and rich healing blessings from the Lord!!

    God Bless you my dear friends.

    Hugs & Kisses

  104. Lana hope you are both ok. Praying for the very best outcome for your husband.

    Love Sue

  105. Dearest Lana and Henry, I do know what feelings you were (and are) going through, waiting in that room for news of Henry's brain scan results. It must have been a euphoric moment, a whirlwind of emotions all at once. This is the proof of the power of prayer sweetheart. I want everything to be fine for you both again, for Henry to stabilise and for you to have your lives back again and it will happen Lana, IT WILL!!!! Wishing you both a great day, praying that you both keep up your strength and see the positives - negatives are insignificant, BELIEVE THAT!!!!! Much love and affection, Leyla xxxooo

  106. I'm glad it hasn't spread to the brain, and I thank God for that!

    I hope you get to enjoy your 4th of July, and don't let the negative energy get to you!!!!

  107. Dear Lana Henry

    Finally something good in positive on your journey...Lana you know I have been in your place too many you said about bottling up Cancer and send it packing....I have always said that cancer kills all the wrong people...I would give anything to take away just a hint or something of your constant you have so much love here..keep writing because it is your therapy..wish I didn't have to check your blog..wish this was all a bad dream..when I lost my big brother I told my husband that I sum up cancer like this...when really bad things happen to really good you girl..*big hug*

  108. Lana & Henry,

    Both of my sons played all star baseball games yesterday. It is a "double elimination" tournament and they each lost their first games. So, needless to say, we were thrilled when they won! Then I came home and checked your blog. Baseball schmaseball, CANCER NOT IN THE BRAIN and APPOINTMENT WITH THE WONDER DOC!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!

    We're heading out to buy some more fireworks. As we watch the beautiful ones that open up and splay bright sparkles of light and color all over the sky, I will think of you both. Henry, let your spirit be light like these fireworks this long weekend. Feel the joy of each moment. Cancer can wait til Tuesday. This weekend is yours to breathe in the love that surrounds you.

    All my love,

  109. This is totally awesome news!!!! What a great start to celebrate your 4th of July with.

  110. My heart stopped for a moment. I am so happy to hear that his brain is clear! I think that's the first I've heard your husband's name. Prayers going out for you, Henry, and you too, Lana. Do you have a P.O. Box that I can send a card to? My e-mail is

  111. Continuing to say prayers, hope y'all are having a great 4th!

  112. I hope you got to be with some family today. Grandkids are good for taking your mind away for a few minutes at a time.
    Stay strong my friend.

  113. THANK YOU GOD! For the first of many miracles you've given this lovely family!!!

    Still praying and sending HUGS hugs and lots of love! XXXOOO

  114. as i read this with tears in my eyes as i sit here in deep thought of what i need to do for my own life sometimes i think to end it because i'm struggling day to day to just pay my water bill.... but i try very hard to be positive and keep praying but some days its just hard i love your videos and i love you and your style congrats and blessing to you and your love one..... :)

  115. Lana, I am thinking of both you and Henry ( thank you for sharing his name with us...Dickhead was always good for a laugh but Henry gives us all a name to put in our prayers....know that both Henry and you are surrounded by a blanket of LOVE.....I have cried with you and my heart aches for you...Love and Faith will give you the strength you have infiltrated the lives of many through YOUTUBE...and now we will try through the power of infiltrate yours with a miracle...not a day goes by that I do not think of you both...

  116. Lana, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I know how you feel, because I was diagnosed with IIIC ovarian cancer and had surgery a year, ago and completed chemo the end of Jan. I'm constantly keeping up with research regarding my cancer.

    I found this link that might be useful:

    Also, here is the link for the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, through Inspire.

    I belong to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

    It's takes guts to read what is posted, but at the same time, you will learn so much that it is unbelievable and you will be able to talk with other people who are having the same experience. You can post any question and get answers regarding treatment and side effects, etc.

    Hope and Peace

  117. You might have to cut and paste the links into your browser. I see that I can't click on them and go to the sites.

  118. Lana, God often works His miracles in mysterious ways...however, some are easily seen. This is one of them! I feel this victory will be the first of many for both of you; never give up in this fight!! We all love you and are praying for you <3

  119. Hoping all is as well as can be expected. No forget that, hoping miracles happen daily for you and yours. Been missing you and waiting for any word on how you and hubby are. My daughter and I check several times a day here just to check on you. Just to send some love.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Heather aka Talerareniah

  120. G_d willing, this is the first of many victories Lana!
    Nothing but good thoughts, prayers & positive vibes are being sent your way.

  121. Lana...this all just f*cking sucks. Sorry but there's no better way to describe it. I've been there...bought the ticket...lost the luggage...hopefully not going back again!!! Please know that this Irish girl is sending love and stubborn anger your way to help you both fight this!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers numerous times every day.

    Gentle hugs


  122. Lana, this is Shelley9090 from YT. Not sure my previous post posted. Just wanted to be sure you knew that I am praying for you and dear Henry throughout every day. Stay strong, and know that your friends and family are carrying you both in their hearts.

  123. I cry when I read your blog, but I have to know. I have to know how Lana is doing. I found you on YouTube over a year ago and have grown to love your personality. You are such a good person and as your husband. I cry, I pray and pray every day you are in my thoughts...and will continue...

  124. Dear Sweet Lana,Its after 2:00 a.m. here in Florida & I am still see i kept looking for new videos from you everyday but never really looked deeper until tonight.Life has been kinda busy lately & had fallen behind on some things but checked in quite often with youtube to see if my subs had posted any new videos.I kept seeing that there was nothing from you & kept saying to myself i must find out what has happened to her.I had feared that it was something with your mother in law.tonight i decided that was it I must find out what has happened to Lana.I went straight to your channel & am still sitting her shocked with tears still in my eyes and the tears that have fallen are stuck on my cheeks & more keep coming.My heart is aching for you.I wish there were something i could do for you.The pain i saw in your video shook me to my core & broke me down into tears. Although i have never met you or your husband I have watched you through your videos for quite some time now & crazy as its sounds but you feel like a part of my family.So once i saw that video i went straight to your blog and started getting updated.My heart is so breaking for you. As i read all your entries i am shaking inside & more & more tears begin to fall as my heart breaks for you & the pain you are in.I know all too well what you are experiencing.I mean maybe not exactly the same circumstances but I too went through cancer & am a survivor now for 20 years.I went through vigorous chemo treatments & was told at the age of 23 that if they were able to get all of the cancer that i would definitely never have children.i went through bone marrow biopsies, staging laparotomy have a scar from my breast bone to my belly button, scars on my neck, my arm..well lets just say i have many scars from my cancer inside and out. well guess what they were wrong i was blessed with 1 girl and 1 boy.I beat cancer & have been cancer free for 20 years now. I say this to you because they are not always right about what they say to must hold on to hope, love & faith. I looked horrible going through it. I was about 90 lbs soak and wet. I had to give myself shots because i formed blood clots from a port they put in me, I had to give myself bags of medicines via i.v. at home.. anyway my point to you is keep the faith, hope & love in your heart.You have all of us subs here at youtube to hold you up. I am right here with you Lana.Its now 2:35 a.m. & I am still up.Its hard when things get quiet & all you have to do is think.You dont want to think about life without them.Sometimes i wonder how i got through those days & i think i was just on some sort of auto pilolt.I know how hard it is to stay positive in this truly dark time in your life. you feel like the walls are closing in on you & your whole life is crumbling down in front of you & you are powerless to it. your husband must fight to the best of his abilities as hard as it is he must.The chemo & radiation will wreak havoc on his body & make him feel like he cant go on. The effects from Chemo alone that i experienced myself were something i surely will never forget... I understand how he feels. He will need every bit of motivation to keep him going.Do not let him give up he has far too much to leave behind.My mother passed in 2004 & never got to see her grandchildren grow up my daughter was just 9 and my son was 4.Its truly heartbreaking.My daughter was sooo close to my mom and it nearly destroyed her when my mom died. My son was very young and does not remember a lot.I still to this day have a very, very difficult time dealing with it. She wont ever be able to see waht they are going to do with their life. All of the missed birthdays, milestones, graduations etc...My point is.. he has those grandbabies that need him too. I am here in your time of need Lana!! My heart is with you. Many prayers to you, your husband and your family.Keep the faith, the hope and the love. Anita

  125. Hi Lana, You have entertained me with your wit and energy on you tube and my heart goes out to you at this difficult time. My mum died of cancer when I was twenty and I remember what it was like to almost live in a hospital. I couldn't watch popular tv hospital dramas for years after;)Have a look at what they offer at Hippocrates
    stay positive, love to you and your husband, Richella

  126. G'day. I have had two close family members with Cancer. My Mum and my Uncle. My Uncle had Bowel cancer and had to have "the bag". He had a wonderful sense of humour. I remember when they gave him the all clear and said they were going to remove "the bag" he told my Dad "On Thursday I'm going back into hospital to have my a** reconnected. As though it was a plumbing job on his list. He was the King of one liners. My Mum was diagnosed way to late and God needed a Beautiful Lady in Heaven. I now have a family history so have researched my self cross eyed. I have gone with Juice Therapy as a preventative. Gerson Therapy seems to be a healthy and good preventative. It can't hurt. All it will do is turn me orange from all the carrot juice. Take care Lana & Henry. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Juanita.

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