Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Lips Alternative

Have you seen those gorgeous 
"Old-School" Pin-Up Looks? 
You know, like Marilyn Monroe? 
Even today's hot stars ~ 
Scarlett Johansson or Drew Barrymore. *sigh*

I love that perfect Red lip color but I just can NOT pull it off. It makes me look Garish and Cheap. 
Not a good look for me or for anyone. 
I envy those that CAN pull it off and look so Glamorous.
Here is an alternative that can make you look and feel like a star without looking like a hooker.

I lined my lips with my favorite lipliner in Estee Lauder "Cafe Rose"  just outside of the natural lip line.... Not too far. 
Don't want the Dreaded 
"Trout-Pout" Look.
Fill in your lips with MakeUpForever lipliner in Fuchsia 16c. Gorgeous bright color. 
Add a lighter color such as Saint Germain by MAC to the pout to make your lips looks fuller and add dimension.  Helps to Neutralize all of that BRIGHT Pink.
Viola'... Sexy Pin-Up Girl look without the "hooker" thing happening. 
FUN for summer and goes with everything!
PS. Using Lip Liners for Lipsticks makes your lip color last SO much longer! HUGE!


  1. I think you could pull it off with a soft eye...

  2. Lana....I just have to say you are a hoot! lol I love it! I got the biggest kick out of this tutorial you just did here. lol I am also one that no matter what red shade I try to use I just don't think it looks right on me even though people tell me it looks fine(I feel like someone is going to walk up to me and offer me money for "favors" loI) . I am no spring chicken here..54, so maybe it is just my coloring has changed over the years? Great video's.

  3. The pink is really your color, Lana! But I rememeber you were wearing Coco Red and it looked amazing on you as well! :)



  4. Your doing a terrific job lana on getting tons of viewers AND comments.

  5. LOVE your tips and tricks, Lana!!!

    I passed on a blog award to you over on my blog. Please check it out when you can! Thanks! :)

  6. Lana, I am 57 and I like red lips.It is to bold for me too. So after I have lined my lips with a more natural color I use a red lipstick and just pat the color on lightly with little spaces in between so I wont have complete coverage and apply gloss or balm to smooth it out to one color and there I have it red but not bold.
    That is the only way I can wear red without looking like "Delta Dawn".
    I am really loving your videos. I am happy to see a beautiful over 50 woman that still wants to stay pretty, flirty, and fun. I am often told that I am to old to be dressing the way I do and wearing my hair long.
    By the way one of my favorite things is Silky Smooth All Natural Keratin treatment for the hair, made from apple pectin.(the one that does not leave the hair straight as a stick and no chemical) I had that done two months back and my hair is long and silky feeling with lots of body. I can straighten it or wear it curly but it is always soft and smooth and thicker too "IT'S YOUNG AGAIN" OH YEAH.
    Darlene Hess

  7. @Darlene Hess
    You made me laugh about "Delta Dawn" Ha ha!
    I have been TRYING to wear bolder colors for the Fall and everyone else seems to like it on me but ME!
    I will try your dabbing trick because that sounds like it will tone it down a lot but still have color.
    I will also have to check into that apple pectin shampoo. sounds marvelous. Thank You!
    You just keep rocking your long hair and dress the way that makes you feel FABULOUS! Smooches!

  8. Hi Lana - discovered you on youtube and I must say I have a girl crush! You're so pretty and feminine and fun. Keep it up!

  9. Hi Lana, found you on youtube and I sooo enjoy your videos! You make me laugh, along with teaching this 52 year old that I can still be "ALL THAT!"


  10. I think it would look good on you but the eyemakeup has to be super neutral. Maybe only a good base and black liner on top lid only. I think red lips look great on blondes. Just need to balance it out or else your right, it will look cheap if not done correct.


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