Tuesday, June 8, 2010

★ CLEAN Bright FACE ★ Look Younger

Ho Hum.
Boring Facial Cleansing Routine. Not an exciting subject, huh?
Well I thought same in my younger years. Now I know better. The single most important thing I do twice a day is washing my face and moisturizing.
The other day I got a comment on my last YouTube video about my recent facelift. WHAT?
I have never had such a thing. Not saying I won't someday but until that day comes, I will do what I can to preserve this one and only face I have. If I don't take care of it...
Here is a list of what I do and use, twice a day. No matter your age, You may not be worried about this NOW, but you should be!
"A Clean Face at Night and Your Face at 50 will be Bright" ~ by Lana
I made that up but it fits.

To Remove Eyemake:
I LOVE MAC Cosmetics Gently Off Eye & Makeup Remover.
Estee Lauder has an amazing Easy Off one as well.

Oil and water do mix, for twice the impact – just shake. A dual-phase, easy-does-it formula that sweeps off even tenacious waterproof mascara and lip colour. Absolutely gentle; suitable for all. Cucumber extract soothes, Damascus Rose flower water refreshes. No need to rinse

Next, Wash with Estee Lauder  Soft Clean and Follow with a good toner. When I think I have cleansed my face to perfection, I use a cosmetic pad soaked in Estee Lauder Soft Clean toner and I am amazed at how much YUCK is still there! Ewww!

After thorough Cleansing and with a still-damp face I apply Lumedia Facial Brightener and then Strivectin-D which is an Stretch Mark cream but was found to reduce wrinkles and improve over-all skin tone. AMAZING products. Now, I don't truly believe that any cream will magically make our wrinkles disappear but this product is as close an ANY I have ever used! At 54 years old, I get more compliments on my skin than I did when I was 34!!! Now That's HUGE!
Strivectin has actually dropped in price. I was paying $135.00 a tube for it but I added the link here to purchase it from Amazon for $75.00.
A Steal because it really does work! Great for MEN too!
The Lumedia Retails for $90.00 from the company but I have found it at TJ Maxx for $20.00 which is a steal.This product removes those ugly age spots that make your face look so much older than it is. If I had to choose between age spots and wrinkles, I think I'd take the wrinkles. Age spots just mar your entire look. No matter what your age, You have ONE face so Take Care of it like it's Your JOB!


  1. I bought stri vectin once, but never used it on my face. I must try again, thanks for the tips lana :)

  2. Hi gorgeous Lana,
    you are truly such an inspiration for all of us that are coming closer to be pointed out as mature.
    I´m now 41, and sadly the first age spot are coming up :o(
    You mentioned the stunning "Lumedia" in a previous video, but as always it is not possible to purchase the product here in Germany. I tried to contact different companies and also some people on Makeupalley, if they could do a customized purchase for me. I offered to send the money and an extra service charge previous to their purchase, but no one was interested.
    You are really blessed with your enormous cosmetic range in the U.S. !!!!
    Most products are not availabel here in Europe, and if they are twice the price.

    So I look forward for more inspiring videos, maybe I find a dupe for the Lumedia.

    Warm Hugs

  3. Hi Gorgeous, I keep hearing such fabulous things about strivectin, my best friends mother uses it and swears by it. She is 57 and looks MAYBE 40 just like you. You two women are onto something!!! KISSES! x

  4. Thanks for the Strivectin tip, Lana! I saw a presentation of the line recently on QVC and the reviews on it there are quite good too. I think I may give it a try.

  5. I remember when you posted your face routine video I must have watched it 10 times! :) I got this MAC makeup removed on your advice a few months ago and I love it! :) Big hugs from me! :)


  6. Great tips, Lana. I want to p/u that EL cleanser and I need to go back and see which scrub you like and get that ordered. Your skin looks great.

  7. hi Lana, thanks for sharing your routine with us. and reminding us to always take care of our skin.

  8. Hi, Lana
    I just stopped by to tell you how gorgeous und simply ADORABLE you are!
    I admire the way you talk about beauty and designers! Your Louboutin shoe collection is so beautiful and I will definitely start my own in the future!

    I send you greetings and the best wishes from germany! :)
    Please stay simply the way you are and thanks for all inspirations!


  9. Hi Lana, I'm 56 and I think I NEED Strivectin! I'm thinking the Strivectin SD is for the face, right? I'm hoping I can get it here in the UK, I;m sure I've seen it.

  10. Gidday Lana! I've only just discovered your vids, you are such a joy to watch. Happiness & fun & grace minus ego... way to exist! Must look into the strivectin, wonder if it's available in Oz? Have you heard about Retrieve A cream - it helps to undo sundamage.I wonder if that is a similar type of cream? Thank you, you make me laugh @ your online shenanigans :D mamamialia

  11. As people age, their entire look also changes. And some would not want that to happen. That's why they look for some ways in order for them to always look young. And your post is really helpful, especially for those people who really want to have great skin as they age. Here in my hometown in Bay Area, facelift procedure is what the clients have been up to because of very its natural results. Cosmetic surgeons in San Francisco also has great face and body care services, my wife actually tried one and she looks far way better than before.


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