Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SWAPS. My First One!

Is it ok to blog about a "Swap?"
A Swap is when two agreeing parties decide to ship each other their favorite makeup, nail polishes or just whatever  products they are loving at the time... Sound FUN, Huh?
Not sure but I just about to experience my very first Swap.
 I have read horror stories about people that agreed to swap with another girl for makeup, nail polish, etc.
It seems many times that one person sends really "good stuff" while the other may get short-sided with useless junk or even stiffed and get ZERO.
I had seen MakeupbyMel's gorgeous Models Own nail polish in "Lilac Dream" and tweeted asking if anyone knew the name of it and where to get it. It's a gorgeous soft Lilac color.
After going into complete panic mode and  searching online for it like a TSA searches through suspicious bags at the airport, I had an answer...!
That's right. A tweet from a complete stranger telling me she would gladly send it all the way from Europe! Yay! I had gone on the hunt and found TREASURE!
So... What do I do now?
I asked, "Is there anything I can send to YOU?"
My very FIRST Swap! I was "In." I had fallen straight into the Swap-Swamp! It actually made me a bit nervous. Would I measure up?  Could I truly enter the forbidden and scary world of "SWAP-VILLE?"
I waited on the tweet to come in....
Yes, she wondered if I could send her MAC To The Beach Marine Life Highlight Powder.
An easy request, right? Of Course I can and I will!

 Oh No! It was SOLD OUT!  Sold Out EVERYWHERE!
I went into complete panic mode! I could FAIL at my first Swap... Nooooooo.
Fix this! Find it! She was counting on me and I wanted/needed/dreamed of that "Lilac Dream" nail polish.
Do Not Give Up!
I called everywhere. I drove to the mall. I felt like a bloodhound searching for the lost.   Two days I searched.....
I Checked with every flight attendant I know around the country that was into makeup. Bingo!
I found one from my good friend and colleague based at LAX .
She actually found and could get her hands on TWO! A Dream Come TRUE!
I would not fail, I would be a hero!
My new found friend and fellow swapper sent me pictures and tweets of the pkgs she had just sent to me.
It was beginning and I was so Ready! I had the powder secured and all I had to do is pick it up. ✈  Like a Covert Spy, we met at the airport and made the exchange.
I paid the cash and got the goods! I peeked at the one to be mine and knew I was going to make someone a very happy girl. I got home and mailed the precious package.  Life felt so right. I was officially a Swapper!
A week passed..... I checked my mail and Oh My Goodness...
Three packages had arrived addressed to me from Europe. The thrill of opening those packages was like a Christmas Rush!  I felt like I was 6 years old again.
The items inside were endless!
So many things. Fun things. Useable things. It so FUN! It was so right.
 It was suddenly so WRONG. I had the Models Own polish in "Lilac Dream" and so very many other things as well.

Look at this beautiful haul of gorgeous SWAP-NESS
She had sent me SIX nail polishes OPI, Zoya, Models Own (all in beautiful shades)
The Long Dreamed About "Lilac Dream" Nail Polish (I wanted it SO Bad)
EOS LipBalm (that I had been coveting for weeks)
Lancome Hydrating Gel
Clinique Face Lotion
Clinique Exfoliator
2 Stila Lip Glosses
Revlon Lip Gloss
Britney Spears Perfume
Leave in Hair Treatment
Body Butter
Fun Tissues
Nail File
Bath Bead Capsules
And lastly a Purple Purse

All Treasures. All Wonderful. All Mine!

My stomach lurched. I  had sent a single little compact of powder! ONE!
O N E Compact.

It was too late! It had been mailed! How could I stop this train??? I was about to become the dreaded FAIL Swap!!! Nooooooooooooooooo.
My very First Swap and I dropped the Swap-Ball. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position with all of my swap-goodies and cry.
How do I fix this? Luckily, my fellow swap-ee was wonderful and understood. A quick trip to the YSL counter and a second package zipped off to Europe and all is well again in Swap-Ville.
Will I do it again?
You betcha! The thrill of opening that bag of goodies was just like Christmas!

Lesson Learned~  "It's better to Give Than to Receive"
PS. Thank You to my Wonderful Swapper. I hope you love the powder and the lipstick as much as I LOVE everything you sent. 


  1. I`ll swap a beautiful custom home-made design for your blog for a postcard of your favourite place:)

  2. oh bless!
    That package looked sooooooo good & judging by the No.17 polishes....British swappee? :)
    I wish my Christmas presents were as good as that hehe

    But Lana...you got on a plane to get the MAC powder!!! I wouldn't beat yourself up about it, you went to great lengths to get it.

    Great post & great swap on both sides xxx

  3. @Lily Butterfly
    Flying for me is like taking the bus. Did you SEE all of that Swap goodness? I am still loving it all!
    Thanks for the sweet comment. you always leave sweet comments.

  4. I totally love this idea!!! There should be a youtube group for this... or is there already? Am I tha green?? I recently found a "mate" in the US through youtube and we have agreed to do something similar, there's a ring I covet with no uk shipping and a shirt from a uk company that my friend on your side would die for... It's a fantastic idea and I'm looking forward to sending her lots of english goodies along with her item to create a kind of "care package"... just as your swapper did!

    thanks for stopping by my blog... i'm a noob really xoxo
    miss bb

  5. How fun!!! International swaps are the best! :)

  6. You have make of a post, a travel with you!
    thank you so much beautiful lana!

  7. awww that was a fun story! you should write a book! ;)

  8. oh my gosh, I so feel for you! It reminds me of my first Christmas with my boyfriend years ago (now my husband). I showered him with many, many gifts and he got me a pair of tiny gold stud earrings. The balance was way off and I was so embarassed(so was he). Anyway, you made it right plus you flew to get the powder for pity's sake! That was awesome.
    Love, Gina

    PS can you help me get rid of my fear of flying? I used to fly all the time before I got married but now haven't flown since 9/11. My cousin died on flt 11.
    I hate that I was scared before (hello xanax) but now am terrified.
    I am so jealous of you.

  9. Heyy,
    I live in england and I'm looking for someone from the USA to do a swap with!
    check out my blog and email jessicarose-@hotmail.com if you are interested,


  10. Bravvo! Great story, you really have a talent for writing, I felt like I was there with you, great trade.

  11. Reading this was like watching a suspense film. I held my breath the whole time! lol. Glad your first swap was a success Lana! <3


  12. you are such a nice writer...You kept me glued till the thrilling end...:)

  13. I wish I would've known....I bought two marine highlight powders for fear that one would break in the mail on the way here. So now I'm deciding what I'm going to do with it....

  14. Beautiful presents, the lilac coloer is so cute! :) Love you,

  15. @Perfumesnob84
    Sell it on ebay! I saw them selling for $50 and $60! Very coveted item.
    It really is gorgeous. Announcing that you have TWO of those could incite a riot at your doorstep so shhhhh
    Thank for the comment. xox

  16. OMG! Lana, what a wonderful story :) I was TOTALLY sucked into the screen! Haha :D I'm glad it was a great experience<3

  17. OMG! I LOVE how you flew out to LAX - okay, I know you're a flight attendant and it's no biggie for you. But for most of the rest of us non-frequent-flying-types....that's a big deal!

    And you've got yourself a great European swapper! A very generous person!!

  18. That was a great story, Lana. I love the nail polish. I'll have to find a dup.

  19. That is such a gorgeous color on your nails. I think I may have to go try to hunt one down now too. :)

    Lana, you are such a generous person. Haha it was so cute how much you panicked about the powder. I am glad that things worked out well for you guys. I have never swapped anything before but it seems like such a fun thing.

  20. Such a great story!! I have been wanting to do a swap, but I am nervous. DOes anyone know where I can find the EOS lip balm? I have look everywhere I can think of, but no luck finding it.

  21. Om goodness that was awesome,as I was reading it was all suspense.

  22. Hi Lana I Love you my sweet Angel awee Swap Heaven ! oxox Melinda <3 U

  23. Hey Lana. This is BreBreAnn from youtube. Just checking out your page like you asked. Looks great!

  24. Lana, I adore watching you. I'm about your age and you inspire me more than words can say.You are truly a beautiful lady inside and out.


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