Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drugstore Makeup

Ever planned a trip, Got there, Unpacked and then realize you forgot your makeup bag???
What to do? 
It's 11:00 p.m. and you have a 6:00 a.m. wakeup call and NO mall is open between the hours you have to get ready. You can't show up tomorrow with a bare face & no makeup. Is the world really ready for the cavewoman look? Uhm... NO!
What do you DO???? 
You head to the nearest CVS or 24/7 Walgreen's. 
Hey, Drugstore makeup is better than NO makeup at all, right? And brands such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Miliani, even NYC have really improved in the past few years. Heck I even wear a lot of drugstore products now and keep the MAC, YSL, Chanel, etc. stuffed in the drawer. 
I live on the edge, what else can I say.
L'Oreal's new Studio Secrets Primer is amazing! I love it and the price is right. I have YSL, Tarina Tarantino, and Cover F/X Primers but really like the Studio Secrets for staying power. It hides and diminishes imperfections. Glides on and it is priced so reasonably. 
Compare YSL at $45.00 to L'Oreal at $11.00. 

Next wonderful find is: 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Liquid Foundation. It goes on so easily with it's "Eraser-Like" Applicator and after buffing it on it really does leave your face with an airbrushed look. It has replaced my MAC and Chanel foundations simply because it WORKS!  
Talk about rewinding... Can they PLEASE make something to Rewind the husband???? Oh, that may be another post altogether. *sigh*

Another drug store find that I am using daily is L'Oreal Liner Intense Felt-Tip eyeliner pen.
This one makes creating that sexy Cat-Eye just plain as easy as drawing a line and filling it in. The long felt tip is so easy to use. To be honest, I used to struggle terribly getting that perfect cat-eye look but not with this new-found eyeliner. 
I am Cat-Woman~ Hear me ROAR!
 I LOVE this one and have put my MAC eyeliner away. 

L'Oreal has really stepped it up in my opinion and their Lash boosting Serum System Mascara is in one word...  AMAZING.
First you use the "primer" side. It's white and wonderful. It makes your lashes thick and defined and Loooong.  It has a lash boosting ingredient that lengthens your lashes with use. I just like it as a lash primer. If it makes my lashes longer... Bonus!
Flip it over for a perfect mascara with no flaking and long luscious lashes.
Way to go L'Oreal.
I hope you are never stuck in a situation and find you have nothing to use for make-up. 
I've been there and it is as unpleasant as it gets. 
I would honestly trade a day of water-boarding for a day with no makeup. 
J/K but No Thanks.


  1. haha a day of water-boarding!

    unfortunately in the UK my local 24hr supermarket closes at 10pm so midnight sprees are out of the question!

  2. I looooooove every product you named except the Age Rewind foundation. At 22 I haven't needed it yet. :)

  3. Lana, this is one of your best blog posts - loved it! :) You have such a sense of humour hihi and the little dolls you put on the pictures - so cute! Never tried any of those products, thank you for sharing! :)
    Love you,

  4. The Maybelline Instant age rewind liquid foundation sounds and looks great and unfortunately unlike the 22 year old loveandlipgloss person who I envy up there :) I do need it....

    Looks like I would have to pop on a plane for it though, you get all the good stuff in the US *whinge*

    It's great to mix & match products I think, I love the drugstore products & the higher end products. If it works, hey it works right?

    Great post Lana and as usual the photo's are so cute!I want my own little lilac plane :) xxxxx

  5. I'm going to look for L'Oreal's Studio Secret's Primer the next time I'm in Walgreens or CVS! For around $11.00 it sure beats the pricy Smashbox Primer I've been buying for years now!

  6. Manly yes, and I like it too. Only problem is that's it's hard to color match in the drug store. I wish they had free samples.

  7. Well, you are just awesome, and I love the list you mentioned. Over the past 10 years, I've probably forgot my makeup bag(usually ALWAYS tucked away in my pocketbook)four to five times. Yes, I've booked it over to Walgreens for some concealer/mascara, and lipstick (doubles as cheek tint, too!) in those situations. I could not get through the day without some enhancement as fair as I am (pale, washed out!) I need my Bobbi Brown gel liner, my MAC Zoom Lash, and my LORAC bronzer in Warm Glow, dammit! Whew!

  8. Love this review Lana! I use department store makeup...Makeup here is on average double the price of what you pay :-(
    I like L'Oreal alot. I use their mineral face powder, the lash serum, and their visable lift foundation which works well.I will have to see if i can find the L'Oreal primer, that sounds so good! I will check out the Maybelline foundation too. Thanks Lana :-)

  9. Just found you via YouTube and so glad I did. I'm going to try the liner but my eyes are really too small to do much. Thanx for all the great tips. You look and are amazing!

  10. Great drugstore finds Lana! It's like hunting for hidden treasure in drugstores. I use to be a high end snob but lately I've been having such a good time shopping drugstores and finding cheap dupes! I can't believe some of the excellent quality products I've been finding! I now love NYX! ...and even Wet n Wild has stepped it up!

  11. Guess what?! YSL is owned by L'oreal. I wonder if it's the same stuff, different jar.

  12. I've tried the Studio Secrets but it didn't t work for me. I'm back to Smashbox Photo Finish. But, I love makeup in general and love trying both high and d/s brands. I am loving NYX and have plenty of WnW e/s that are very pigmented. I'll have to give the mascara a test drive. ;-)

  13. I recently purchased the Studio Secrets and lovelovelove it! I have been using the double ended mascara products from L'oreal for several years and prefer them to anything else. The only negative is that I can't find a makeup remover that will take it off! so if you do would you please let me know?? I will now try the eyeliner felt tip pen and the Maybelline foundation because of your recommendations! Hope all is well with you! oxox Care

  14. @Care's Beauty Bar:
    I absolutely LOVE MAC eye and lip makeup remover. They have two kinds and I love them both. I think it's on a previous blog but it's one of my Holy Grail Products. As for the Maybelline Foundation, you will LOVE it. Buy it at CVS and if you have chosen the wrong shade or just hate it, you can return in with a receipt. Risk-Free!
    The eyeliner pen. I can't live without it and have been getting compliments galore since using it. No one can quite figure out what the diff is but it's working! Ha!
    Love You and have a Happy 4th! xox

  15. @ Barry:
    I wish I knew how to respond on here. Clueless!
    Anyway, I hope you read this cuz I LOVE you. Have since day one and your 1st comment. I am so lucky to have subscribers like YOU.
    I had no idea that YSL is owned by L'Oreal. Wow! No wonder they have stepped up their game. I am loving L'Oreal products these days and so is my wallet.
    Have an exciting 4th. Hugs forever

  16. New to you. . . just got through reading about your first swap!!! You are so dang cute! In your drugstore look (which I love ~ you're beautiful) you mention an "easy shadow shaper". Where in the heck do you get those? My google search is bringing up nothing :( Thank you for your help!

  17. Hi Lana, I love this post. I am going to buy some of the Maybelline Age Rewind foundation, as well as the L'Oreal eyeliner. I totally love your YT videos. You are such an inspiration. Big hugs,~Moonchime

  18. Hey lana, if you're in need of quick drugstore stuff for cheap, you can find another great primer for even less than the studio secrets and his has most of the same exact ingredients and works great! Now, when i tell you what it is, you will probably be shocked and wonder if it really works, but it's all I use now as a primer. It's Monistat Chafing Gel! It has the same ingredients as most more expensive primers and it works amazing! Hope you can try it for yourself! :] --Jocelyn

  19. I Lana. I turned 53 last week and know that there is a God now because just when I was despairing about my looks, I found you on YouTube! You are an inspiration! I love this post because I'm willing to spend $ on the Lumedia and StrVectin but not on high dollar cosmetics so this post is great. Thanks honey! I look forward to reading more of your blog and watching more videos!


  20. @Liz~
    Happy Birthday!
    I have found since using the Stivectin Lumeida combination that i don't need much foundation at all! I still wear probably too much makeup (is there really such a thing?) but my skin has been transformed. Strivectin has come out with a new product called Six in One and has all of the Strivectin and Lumedia and other great skin products rolled into one cream! I'm excited to try it!
    Love & Hugs~

  21. Hi Lana,

    In would like to purchase your eyeshadow shaper? Please email me at

    Thank you,


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