Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vampire Face Lift

Vampire Face Lift

So, I did a video a week or so ago after being away from YouTube for well over a year.
It was very liberating and fun! 
I was back.
I missed all of you so much and especially missed the "friendships" that I have developed thru the years on the web with all of you.
I truly did miss you and thought of you many times. But... I digress.

The first video back, I was a nervous wreck. 
Would I still be able to sit in my bathroom in front of my little "Flip-Cam" and talk to you in coherent sentences? 

I did it!
I was back.
I can do it and loved doing it. The interactions from you are what I missed most. Sweet, beautiful comments and so much love! 
I was back.

Being caretaker to a dying loved one can and will take it's toll. You hair goes dull, your mind loses it's sharpness.  Your looks go hollow.
You can either gain or lose weight.
I gained! Boy did I gain!

Then... he died.
I lost.
I lost so much including weight.

My features seemed to crumble and when I looked in the mirror 6 months later, I didn't even recognize myself. 
After my husband's death, I was convinced I had less than 6 months to live. 
I planned my funeral down to the last detail. Gave  my boys explicit instructions on what to do with my estate and all of my worldly possessions.
I was going to be gone anyway, why bother with living? Why buy anything or worry about how I looked. 
My clothes hung off me by now. 
I had lost 35 pounds by the time I finally woke up!
Who was I anymore?

I decided I needed outside help STAT!
After being in Florida, I went to see a wonderful doctor and his work seemed to be a miracle in my life. 
I am not going to die!
I am 57 years old. I have a lot of living to do. 
I joined a gym. 
I made an appointment at a Rejuva spa and my entire outlook changed that day. 
I was back!!

The doctor told me of a procedure that uses your own blood and spins it down to a serum of platelet rich plasma that he injects into your face to fill in hollows and form an under the skin roadmap to rebuild valuable collagen and a network of Fibrin Matrix under the skin. 

In one simple sentence....
Within one to three months of treatment, Selphyl reverses the ravages of time. Damage from age and weather begin to disappear.
They call this the Vampire Face Lift because it uses your own blood to give you a non-surgical facelift!

Here's how it went for me:
I agreed to to have my doctor perform the procedure. He asked me if I wanted a Dental Block for the pain? 
Uhmmm. Yes!
He injected a numbing agent into the gum line on top and bottom. 3 shots to the gums upper and 3 shots to the lower and my entire mouth was numb. I felt as if I had eaten a case of frozen Popscicles. 
While that was taking effect he took 3 vials of blood from my arm. No pain no gain, right?

The blood vials he puts into a centrifuge (looks like a toaster oven) to spin the blood to a clear serum. The precious vials of clear liquid he sets on a sterile tray.
By now, my mouth has no feeling. 
My tongue. 
Is it dangling out of the corner of my face? 
I haven't got a clue. I can't feel a thing.
In a series of quick shots with many needles (probably 50) he injects my own cells back into me only now into my haggard face. 
Nothing foreign. It's all mine!
He explains that it will be days or even weeks before I see results. The network of stem cells are in place and can begin doing their job. 
My mouth and face are numb. I look like I stuck my face into a very large bee hive on a sunny day and got the crap stung out of me. 

I get no real instructions except not to use my Clairsonic for 24 hours. 

Total cost?
One more dose in two months at half that price.
$1,800.00 to rewind your face 10- 15 years?
Some bruising that fades each day but is easily covered with a good concealer.
I go back to work the next day.

2 Weeks Later:
Every day I wake up and see a subtle difference. It's not really like a filler but it's more a softening of your face. 
This morning I looked in the mirror and said to my reflection there,
"Well, Hello! Who are you?
Where did you come from? 
I don't know but I like you!"
I am back!

I am very pleased with the results and will go back in 4 weeks for the 2nd round. Results generally last 3 years. 
That's a long time. 3 years.
I hope this answers any questions you may have. I will drag my camera along on my next visit and film it. 
I love you all. xo


  1. I would love to see some before and afters. $1200 is really not bad at if it works!

  2. So glad that you "are back" and not just on you tube! I admire you, you brave, beautiful woman. Enjoy your family, especially your beautiful grandchildren, I just had my first, a little girl named Molly Rose, what a precious gift! Much love xo Kristinn

  3. It's nice to be at a stage of our life that we decide to do what makes us happy. It doesn't matter what it is, but women (and men) have worked and/or raised a family and deserve to spend their money or time the way they want to.

    Enjoy every moment Lana. You have certainly given your YouTube fans plenty of joy and we thank you.

    So very happy to see you back.

  4. Glad you are doing what you need to do to live the rest of your life enjoying yourself and finding every single ounce of love and beauty that you can! It is hard to do that when you feel awful and drained and totally not like yourself! Your journey has been heartbreaking but inspiring beyond belief! Your honesty is so refreshing.............

  5. Wow! How cool! I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that particular procedure, but nice to know that I have options.

    Thanks for posting!


  6. I say we all fly up to Lana's and have her doctor inject us all! You look just as pretty as the last time we saw you! Sooooooooo glad to have you back! xxxooo

  7. Your beautiful inside and out!!

  8. Love that you're here again! I keep checking for you and worrying about you and I can see you are doing the hard work of getting your life back. I am happy you are doing whatever it takes and btw I would love to see that procedure! You are so beautiful and inspiring! Welcome back and love the youtube updates as well!

  9. If it makes you happy Lana, that's all that matters! Welcome back, mwuah! xxxooo

  10. Well it made you feel better so that's a bargain I would say :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  11. This sounds like a terrific option. Botox scares the daylights out of me. I would love to hear more about your second visit. I say go girl.

  12. You look gorgeous Lana, although I expect no less from you.
    I haven't done anything on youtube in ages. But I just went and caught up on your videos. It was so nice seeing you again. Your house is lovely I especially love your yard and pool and all the pretty trees you have. P.S. The plant pots don't look half bad!! I would have never guessed you painted them.


  13. Thanks so much for sharing Lana. You look great!

  14. Sounds like a safe alternative to what else is out there, not to mention, surgery! You look fantastic, worth every penny and cell! =) Keep going girly, we're all behind you! P.S. Loved your new home in your recent home vid on Youtube! Just beautiful! =)

  15. You've got me sold on it, I'm already looking for a doctor!

  16. "Vampire Face Lift" - I love it! And it sounds incredible; I will definitely be looking into it very soon. I've been considering an eyelift anyway so I'll just add this to the list. Lana, it's wonderful that you're back, writing in your blog and posting videos! We have all missed you so ♥ Looking forward to lots more "Lana" :) XO Cathy

  17. Welcome back, I'm very happy to hear you are bouncing back, one day at a time. Thank you for posting this information and I can not wait to see the proceedure, how fun and informative, you do such a great job. I have started some videos, reviews, makeup apps, etc. Not nearly as good as yours, but its fun and being our age, I love to think I might help even one person look and feel better. You are a great inspiration for me. Thank you.

  18. Hi Lana, First of all I want to say Welcome Back <3 Your such an inspiration to me and so many other ladies. We missed you! I was wondering if you could suggest another product since they discontinued Lumedia facial brightener. I noticed that you are still using the other products but when I went to look into the facial brightner they said they discontinued it. I know that product was carcinogen free. I am not sure what product now to purchase that would be safe. I would really like your input on this. Wishing you sunshine , happiness and lots of love Roe

  19. Well that procedure is awesome! You look refreshed and vibrant! I'm 35 right now and just started using 'Light Stim' on my face to regenerate collagen, and it has been working like a charm on my frown lines and smile lines. I thought I'd give that a shot before doing any botox.

    I'm all for doing whatever it is you gotta do to 'like' the reflection that stares back at ya...No opinions from anyone with regards to that would I allow to deter me from whatever I do for my body/face. So I am soooo Happy for you...You're back....I am so selfishly happy. Love you! Keep Strong Lana :)

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  21. This book (by the inventor of the procedure) tells why the Vampire Facelift (R) procedure works:

  22. I'm thrilled to pieces that you are back. I've been watching each video you upload. You look fantastic! The Vampire Lift sounds pretty amazing. You really do look wonderful. Not a bad price for something that will last so long. Plus there are any foreign things going into your face. Anything to make you feel better is a plus. God bless you Lana, you deserve much happiness. Loved the tour of your home in Fla. It's lovely. The cars are amazing! I'm sure Henry is looking down from Heaven and is proud of his woman. Hope to see another video soon. Will you be continuing writing your life story? I hope you do so. Love you.

  23. Hello sweet Lana! It is wonderful to see that you are back and happy! You are such an inspiration.

    I haven't been around for a while. But, you have never been far from my thoughts and my prayers.

    Continue to enjoy life. May God Bless you richly, Lana.


  24. thanks so much for sharing that I have been thinking of Botox but I am scared. but eventually I will have to do something. I work in retail and you have to look good all the time and I feel I have to keep up with the younger girls. I know it is sad to think that way but it is true.

  25. Thanks for this info and all your You Tube videos. They have inspired me so much and I look forward to each one like a Christmas present.

  26. Hello Lana
    How delighted I am to have found your blog and videos!!
    You are incredibly beautiful and strong!

  27. So happy for you Lana. I think most people if they could they would do this. Well maybe not the people who are scared of needles. Lol You look beautiful as ever!

  28. Helllo Lana.. I love your looks and the way you sway with your life :) .. I want to do the same as yours.. Can you refer or can you tell me where can i see your doctor so she can make me look amazing as you :).. You're beautiful in and out! :)

  29. It was so nice to see you making youtube videos again! You look great and I am glad to hear that you are back to working and heading along the healing process. Good for you! I very much admire your strength and honesty. You're Joie de Vivre is very admirable and refreshing, no matter what situation comes your way, you always seem to stay positive and that isn't always easy! Wishing you the best and keep up the great videos! BTW your new house and cars are AMAZING! Wishing you nothing but the best Lana!

  30. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,

  31. Thanks for sharing all this info with us and doing the YouTube video with the doctor, I found it very informative. This has been added to the top of my wish/rewards list. You look amazing and you are so beautiful inside and out! Cheers

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  33. A facelift will not totally erase the signs of aging but it can repair a lot of the problems such as a saggy neck or jowls.

  34. my lovely lana! I really want to get this- I am really happy your beginning to be your OLD SELF AND YOUR OLD SELF was GOLD GIRL-- your are such a light even in the darkness- now you will shine so bright I better wear sun glasses when I watch your videos!,,,, I LOVE YOUR DEARLY--X SHELLY..(magicadespell56) from youtube

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  51. Lana, I really enjoy your videos, you are my inspiration. When I go to Tampa I plan to visit your doctor. I had the treatment done in Canada, but one vial was just used under my eyes. Swelling and bruising was out of this world.

    Glad you are back


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  57. Oh rats this is my third time trying to send this message, ji,ji.
    Hi Lana after watching your tutorial several times I have decided that this is the route I want to take instead of a surgical facelift. Lana is there anyway you can give me the Dr's phone number so I can schedule an app for after I leave Germany? Thank you so much and all your tutorials.

  58. Lana I'm interested in the glasses. I will pay extra for shipping as I'm in the UK :) x My e-mail is Shelly x

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