Monday, May 3, 2010

Use Protection~

This Blog is simply about being protected while enjoying FUN in the sun. 
I recently went out with friends for a day on the water and baked myself. 
Super Dumb and I know it.  
Summer is right around the corner. Don't ruin it by hard core peeling, blistery, red, damaged skin. OUCH. Whether at the ocean, beach, pool, lake or mud puddle, use sunblock!
Here are my favorites..

Blue Lizard 
Australian Sunscreen
30+ Allows you to stay out in the rays 30 times longer than unprotected skin.
Chemical Free. Zinc Oxide Formula.

Hawaiian Tropic Creme Lotion 10+
Soft, Creamy Formula that smells like a refreshing, yummy Island drink.

Dry Oils
I'm not  GREAT fan of Dry Oils. They go on easily with a single spray but then feel tacky to the touch. Still, any protection is better than NO protection. 
Just ask Octo-Mom! Ha!
Remember to apply EVERY HOUR!  
Hot Times in the Summer Sun!

You can bet HE uses Sunscreen.


  1. Hi Lana...
    I've been a follower of your videos and now your blog and I have to tell you not only do I enjoy your content, but you are a woman of impeccable taste. I do have a question. Which of the sunscreens you speak of do you use on your face?

  2. Hello!
    I actually use the Blue Lizard on my face and especially on my lips. It's thick, white but absorbs quickly and I have NEVER had a burn when using this one. Loves it! It's a great all over sun block.

  3. Great post, Lana!
    I am a huge fan of sunscreen - I used to use SPF 50 on my face :)) Now I use 25 of 43 (a new foundation that I have with SPF 43)!
    Have a lovely and sunny day, sunshine Lana!: )

  4. Dear Lana,
    PLZ no more pics of your good-looking son!!! You told me your son's name was Nate also so I had to see what he looked like, I scrolled down and little did I know, there was a picture of a half naked sexy man OR that my husband was looking at my screen untilll he says "what the hell?! who is that?!" lmao. I was trying to explain but failed miserably as I was wiping up my drool. lol.

    Love, Sammie

    ps It was nice to dream for a sec lol


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