Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Feet & Toes for Summer

This time of year we all need to drag our winter-weary feet out of drab shoes and have them be strappy-sandal-ready.
Beach parties, picnics, weddings, or just lounging at the pool we can't have out feet look like....

Oh. Kinda makes you want to run right out and get a pedicure, huh?

Well, who has the time or money these day for that when you can do it at home.
Spongables has some amazing foot scrubs to slough off that dry, cracked, dead skin.
These two are excellent and they scrub on one side and have super bubbles that last forever inside.
After you've scrubbed and your feet feel clean and fresh, time to really get serious.
The Ped-Egg is my Best Friend. Available at any CVS, Walgreen's, etc.
After use, apply foot balm or lotion such as Arbonne, Freemans BareFoot, Lamasilk, or Gold Bond Healing. Super thick.  Super Moisturizing.
Next, buff, shape, and polish your toes.
My favorite base coat is MAC Cosmetics UnderLaquer.
Find the perfect shade of polish for you and top that off with a coat of
Fast-Drying~ Long-Lasting Seche' Vite to make your pedicure last a week or longer. Perfection!
Now You're ready to wear those sexy fun sandals and you just know your feet and toes will be soaking up ALL the attention.  Enjoy Your Summer!


  1. you have really ugly feet omg!

  2. hahaha You crack me up! So funny and love the video!

    Umm...anonymous above...is there a reason your so anonymous? If you can't say anything nice...don't say it at all!

  3. LANA!! hahaha I am cracking up! Your post is fab with the Barbies. That anon person needs a life. You are my fave person on the internet! You gorgeous woman you! x

  4. As soon as I saw the Elle Woods Barbie, I realized you DO remind me of Elle! Hilarious videos!

  5. That barbie introducing all of your products was hilarious! Love this and you in general! x

  6. Aww the flight attendant Barbie, Lana, where did you get that dol - sooo cute :)))) I love taking care of my nails and you inspire me even more. Big hugs! :)

  7. Mary Beth (iaintmissbehavin@aol.com)May 26, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Hello again Ms. Lana! I doubt you remember me but I have been watching your videos on Y.T since almost the beginning-- I believe it was your 3rd video you'd made when I started. We also used to email each other but life caught up with us! I finally made it back to college! I discovered a whole new world after watching you & cut my hair short as well! I'm still watching & wanted to say hello to am old friend. Pls forgive any typos & lack of paragraphs but I'm on a new cell phone that is more complicated than my computer! Take care (and you haven't aged a bit!)
    Mary Beth...& I just figured out the paragraphs on this thing!

  8. OMG Lana! You are amazingly entertaining! Only you would drum up eyeshadow and cornflakes to make those feet look like some I've actually seen before! The Barbie prop is adorable..You are too funny and informative too!!! xoxo

  9. That was funny! But, at the same time very informative. I love the spongables. My feet aren't as pretty but maybe with regular use, they will some day. Thank you, Lana. I really appreciate the smile you spread.

  10. Thanks! I enjoy your video and your blog. :)

  11. This is so funny! And reminds me that I need some serious foot pampering right now!! You are too cute for words!


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