Thursday, May 13, 2010

Designer Sunglasses~ Chanel & Bvlgari

I am writing this blog sitting in Miami International Airport waiting for my return flight back to Indiana.
People Watching is an art-form down here!
So many interesting people. So many eclectic styles and so many different cultures of people. One thing is constant... Everyone in the Sunny South wears their Sunglasses as #1) A necessity against the harsh rays of the sun. #2) As an Accessory.
Me, being the shallow and superficial person that I am, tend to go more for #2) when shopping for the perfect Sunglasses to frame my face and protect my eyes. Hey! We shop extensively for the perfect shoes, handbag, makeup, etc. Why not add sunglasses to that list of "Must Haves?"
While on a layover in New York City, I stumbled upon my now favorite brand, Bvlgari's quite by accident. I am SOLD on them.
Bvlgari was the very first Designer EVER! Starting in the 1800's Bvlgari designs began in Rome and today are designers of Fashion, Sunglasses, Jewelry, & Watches of the highest quality. I just like their beautiful good looks and sleek lines.
Here are a few that I own...
These are Brown Gradient with Crystals.
My Absolute Favorites are the same but different....
In Black with Crystals

White with Crystals. Lighter Lenses

Heavy Black Frames with LOADS of Fancy Crystals

And then of course... Chanel. How can any Girl resist Chanel?

Watch for my YouTube video and a GIVEAWAY of one of these Fabulous pairs of Designer Sunglasses! (When I get home that is)
Blue Skies Everyone!


  1. Mmm the black with cristals is a killer! Gorgeous pairs, Barbie! :))

  2. There are all beautiful! The heavy black ones with the crystals are stunning!! Can't wait to see the video :)

  3. ooh i like the chanel ones!
    i love your videos btw, i'm a subscriber :)

  4. Oh I love them all! I wonder if they are less pricey in italy. You would know Lana!

    <3 hipretty

  5. They're beautiful Lana I'm a new subscriber and I'm so happy to have found your blog and videos

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