Sunday, September 1, 2013

NEW Skin Care. Anti-Aging


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  2. Hello Lana,
    I am sitting here feeling really old. I watched one of your makeup videos and you are beautiful. I then watched your menopause video and could not be sad anymore. I sat and laughed and laughed. My husband though I lost my mind. I then started watching each of your videos. It is now 1am and I think you are a wonderful woman. I am so sorry about your husband. I cried with you when your video was letting your followers know what was going on. I think you are so beautiful inside and out. Keep on with the videos. You have a lot to offer and I just wanted to know how special I think you are. Hang in there. I have seen so much death in our family. My husband has lost 7 brothers all of is was in a five year span. Wow how crazy it was but we go thru it. I lost my mom two years ago and know cancer and death is a hard thing to deal with. We always miss them. The hurt never goes away. Thank you for all the videos and for all the great information. I want to stop feeling old and to lose weight to feel myself again. Again thanks. Blessings to you.

  3. This product sounds great. I never heard before about anti aging skin care

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