Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting OLD

Hello Everyone~
Sorry I have neglected my blog so badly lately. Life has gotten busy. No excuse for letting it get like all Slum Dog Millionaire over here tho.
Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post about the Dreaded Aging process and today's misperception of it.

Why and how did people get to the sad impression that just because we continue to have birthdays on a regular basis that we are no longer allowed to be FUN and to be an acceptable part of today's society? When we hit age 40 years old and over, are we all supposed to cut our hair off, dye it blue/grey with a helmet-head perm, wear drab clothes, FLAT sensible shoes, sit in a rocking chair and KNIT???? *shudder*
Good Grief! That sounds like a death sentence to me! Ugh.
Don't get me wrong, I have many girlfriends that have done just that. WHY? No wonder they are grumpy, bitter and act so menopausal!
To each their own I guess. I believe in "Live and Let Live" but that's not Me!
I want to be an active positive part of this society we live in not some burden that rots away and becomes so drab that we disappear. I look around in my daily travels and see the typical 55 and above woman or what is the "Society-Accepted" over 55 woman and they ALL look alike! The exact same
Grey hair, short perm, flat shoes, no makeup, &  drab drab drab. I love being a Rule-Breaker and REFUSE to go there. WHO says we must?
I believe that age-old cliche' that you are only as old as you feel. 
I KNOW I'm 55 and perhaps act a goof at times but you know what?????
I am having FUN!

Life got in the way in my younger years. I had my children young. All I ever wanted as a kid was a family, so I created my own. My kids are my life. 
 In the 70's, having children in your early 20's was the norm. Too bad that I didn't see the value of higher education back then. I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and it got me thru just fine so I'll accept that, but if I had my life to live again, I would have gone to college come Hell or High Water! An education is something NO ONE can ever take from you. That said, let me get back to my original subject.... Age.
When we are in our teens and twenties, we think anyone over 35 is an Antique. Ha! 
That day will creep up on you so fast your head will spin! Then what will you do?
You will accept it and do one of the following:

1. Become the society approved version of an "Old Lady" as in dressing appropriately (some MAN made up that extremely dumbass rule)
2. Fight it and have surgeries, injectables, Botox, etc.  (Those things wear off then what?) The Trout-Pout isn't pretty to me.
3. Accept it and make the most of it.
4. Ignore it.

I choose options # 3 and 4.
I used to fight it. I would lie.
Oh, would I lie!
I actually changed my F/A ID to reflect -10 years off my age. What a dork! 
I used lie to everyone that would listen to me that I was a good ten years younger than I actually was. 
I can tell you the exact day I stopped lying about my age....

I was talking to my Mom and she was a habitual liar about her age. (She didn't corner the market on that... A TON of women under 40 lie about their age as well. It's no big deal) 

My Mom was was a beauty, had great genes and a very youthful appearance. 
Anyway, the day I turned 50 she told me that SHE was 50. She was 73 at the time. 

I said,  "Mom, how can you be 50 when I am 50?" 
Her response.... "I tell EVERYONE I am 50!"
I, at that moment, realized how absolutely dumb that sounded and what an ass I was making of myself to LIE about my age! 
I stopped lying, accepted that I was half a century old and never have and never will lie about my age again. EVER!
Once I accepted myself for my age and embraced all of my 50+  years, I just seemed to see myself differently and love the age I am. It was a Lightbulb Moment for me.
Someday I will cut my hair off, wear sensible flat shoes, and get a grey perm but until that day clicks in my head.... Hell No!
To me, there is no crime in trying to be the best you are. In spirit I am still 17 and I for one hope that the little kid in me never goes away. The inner child in me can get on the floor with my darling grandkids, play with Play-Doh, Barbies, and Trucks and act like a 6 years old. That's easy. Acting my over a century old- age is harder for me. 

On my YouTube Channel I get probably 100 - 200 messages each and every day from women that say I have inspired them to get up in the morning, do their hair and makeup and be FABULOUS. I hope so! 
Sure, it would be so easy to fall off that very thin ledge... 
Wear sweat pants all day, don't fix my hair, slosh around with no makeup and be sloppy but is that me? No. 
I enjoy makeup, fashion and LIFE!
I'm not ready to give up. I hope I never am! I'll have plenty of time for that when I am too busy chasing all the hot, over 80 year olds in a nursing home. Ha! (That's a joke)
The people that love me don't care how old I am. My friends come in all age ranges and don't "see" me as OLD,  My husband loves me more each year and my Grandkids don't see my wrinkles nor do they think of me as OLD. 
My son said in front of my grandson one day~ 
"Carter, Mimi is getting to be an Old Lady."
My grandson thought about that for few seconds and said in an angry voice....
"No Daddy, My Mimi is a NEW Lady!"
God Love that child.

In closing I say Happy Birthday to all of you. Birthdays are Blessed events and I for one hope to have many more. You see, I have a LOT to live for and want to enjoy each and every day to it's exact fullest.
I know who and what I am and I embrace it. 
If I don't ACT my age, is it a crime? No.
If I don't dress my age, is it a crime? No.
I"m enjoying my life and hope you all do the same. 
I've gotta jet off now. I am joining friends for a day of lunch, bowling, shopping, and then an Anniversary Dinner with my wonderful husband.
 Not bad for an "Old Lady, huh?


  1. Thanks Lana...........I want to surround myself with women just like you with the same mom is in her sixties and she looks like she is approaching her eighties!! No thanks!!! :) Keep doin your helps so many of us!

  2. Thank you for this great entry. I enjoy watching your fun videos and your enjoyment shines through. Much happiness and many many birthdays to you!

  3. Your inspiring! I've always been scared of old age, probably due to the stereotypical 'old lady' image we all know so well... I hope I will still be putting on makeup and buying fashion magazines when I'm in a nursing home! I don't think age has to define us and looking at how you are at 55, I'm a lot less weary of getting older. X

  4. I loved everything you said here Lana... I lied about my age for years too.. 1. because I've always looked younger 2. because I've always acted younger but the most important one was 3. i felt a failure & that if I admitted my true age it would validate at my age i was.. *sigh*
    My mother tried for years to get me to accept my age.. but I wanted nothing to do with it.. she would write our names and ages on our birthday so she could remember,there are 8 of us, but she kept that calendar in the kitchen. I would actually become upset when saw the calendar every year with my age.
    Mamma passed away 2 years ago, she has continued to bring me lessons, and one of the most important one.. I am not a failure.. I had my daughters very young & quickly... at one point I did have a 1,2 and 3 year old... but walked away from the husband...he was a horrible horrible person.. but that's another story.. so I spent my 20's and 30's being the best parent I could be.. mistakes sure, but not failures.. lessons..all lessons learned.
    I truly feel I accept and look forward to my birthdays now because Mamma showed me it is just fine.. I might not have achieved the worlds idea of a perfection..but I am perfectly me.. and as my 49th birthday approaches this July I am eagerly planning the year of celebration for my 50th!!
    I don't know if I'll cut my waist length wildy curly hair yet either.. I am too young !!! xox

  5. So very well said. In my 30s I began saying that I wanted to be a "jazzy" old lady, still wearing my heels, jewelry, makeup etc.
    Well, I am older now but still maintain that mindset. Granted, I am seeing the inevitable bag, sag and drag effects but, I am blessed to wake up each morning to see them. I'll take that over the alternative of not having another day to enjoy.
    So Lana, keep being your beautiful, youthful fabulous self!

  6. Thanks Lana! I love it! My daughter is 19 and I am... lets see...47 years young--We wear the same size and occasionally when my husband sorts the laundry (yes, he actually does that!) he doesn't know whose clothes are whose!
    Thanks for keeping us 'old ladies' young!

  7. I am so happy I found out about your channel, Landa! (thanks to wayne goss!) You never fail to bring a smile to my face. I want to be like you when I grow up! LOL.

  8. And just a quick comment on that college degree. In 2007, at the age of 46, I decided to finish that college degree I started in my 30s (unable to finish due to a divorce). My goal was to knock that puppy out before age 50. This past December, I graduated and walked the stage to receive my diploma for a finance degree, with honors, magna cum laude. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and made me realize that those who said I would never amount to anything were wrong! And whats more, I refuse to become what American society thinks I should be as I near my 50th birthday this April! I like who I am, and it took me a long time to feel that way. And if someone doesn't like it, well that's tough poop on a stick! (I learned that in college too. lol) Lana, I always look forward to your videos and consider you to be a true friend. Thanks so much for just being you and inspiring us to let the inner fabulous self shine for the rest of the world to see! :)

  9. I love this post, I turn 47 this Monday and you truly inspire me to continue to take care of myself. Woman who have given up sometimes look at me like "who does she think she is" just because I bother to do my hair, put on makeup and try to dress up. I try to keep it classy but I am definitely going for sexy too! Thanks for inspiring me.

  10. You are so cool my dear :) looove your video´s


  11. Well said! A girl after my own heart! I'm 61 and although not very well off, I take the trouble to get my hair cut & styled & blonded every 6 weeks. I wear youthful clothes. I would wear killer shoes like the ones you love but I have rheumatoid arthritis which only lets me wear 2" high heeled shoes and boots but there are some pretty nice styles out there!

    I live in a quiet, rural area where most women my age wear sensible clothes, no makeup and plain hairstyles. Perfectly nice women but oh, so drab. They look at me sometimes as if to say "Hmm, who do you think you are?"

    I'd tell them I'm ME. I wear what I want to wear. My husband positively encourages me to look good.

    I am still working full-time so I think that also helps towards a young attitude. Maybe I won't ever retire! Doubt I could afford to anyway!

    Life's too short to worry about what others think about us. As long as we're nice people, we should be left alone to do what we want!!

  12. I loved your post and I follow you on Youtube. I'm going to be 48 next month and thanks to my mom I don't get upset about getting older. She lived to be 81 and my dad is still around at 83. Neither of them ever felt the need to lie about their age, they took it in stride. My mother in law and sisters in law are just the opposite, they lie about their age all the time and hate getting older.

    If I have regrets it's that I didn't stay the course of what I wanted for my life. I have a great husband and son so that part of my life is terrific and I wouldn't change it but I gave up a career to stay at home with my son. That's not what the plan was but sometimes things happen and you have to adjust. He's a junior in high school now so I'm looking forward to getting things back on track. The old expression, "if you knew then what you know now" applies to me.

  13. Thanks for that Lana just what I needed to hear... I turn the BIG 40 on February 22nd and I must admit I was feeling a bit intimidated but you are absolutely right I still feel as if I am in my twenties. You always make me laugh when I look at your videos Keep up the good work, and thanks again! :-)

  14. Great post, Lana!
    I've never denied or hidden my age, and I don't feel bad about myself (except for some things I can't change right now!). But it is increasingly harder for me to keep a zest for life when I need to make some changes and nothing ever seems to happen. I know it's all on me; inside I am still happy and feel attractive and want to do a million things. So I smile less, trust less, feel less optimistic- and pray a lot more. And take things one step at a time. Do I look older? Sure! I'm trying to be the best me I can though. I've never let anyone else set my personal boundaries for me.

  15. My wife is about to turn 45. I showed her your blog and told her that she has never looked hotter and her attitude is amazing. There is nothing like a +40 year old woman in Louboutin and Wolford.

  16. Hellooooo! I susbcribe you in my YouTube. I try to read your lips to see if I can understand you but... I can't till you wrote it down in your blog. That really helps me lots! (I'm deaf... :) )

    I just turned 50 last October and I am trying to stay healthy and young as much as I can. I have 2 wonderful daughters - 26 and 19... they always show me make-up, hair straighter and etc.. I'm glad that they show me what's update...

    You are gorgeous for your age!!! I hope I'll be like just you.

    Keep it up!! :) Hugs!

  17. I couldn't agree with you more! I just love your posts - you are too funny! I really loved the one about your first swap.
    (My very First Swap and I dropped the Swap-Ball. I wanted to curl up in the fetal position with all of my swap-goodies and cry) HAAHAA ROTFL !! :)

  18. Lana, You are a great inspiration and wonderful lady. Love your blog and your Youtube videos. :-)

  19. I totally agree. I am a young looking 54. I could easily pass for 10 years younger. I remember in my 20's someone thought I was around 14. Didn't like it then but now appreciate the fact that people say I look young. More power to us all! Dress uo! Be feminine! Enjoy being and looking beautiful!

  20. Special Request from South East Asia . Please take some photos about your swimming pool at your back yard as well as the lake and make a video... Your house video do motivate me to work hard and save money and move to America and buy a house at your area and enjoy life ~ =.=

  21. Hi Lana... I have to say that you look great!!! I am at the end of my twenties and when I look back, it's so funny... I see my first wrinkles, I have to watch what I eat but I am so much more comfortable with myself?! So, I look forward to a new decade and those to come. My mother is 59 years old, and you would LOVE her!!! And she would love you. She wears skinny jeans and looks better than most of the young girls, sexy but classy. When we go on holidays together, guys are still checking her out, and that is because she is a beautifullll woman but also because she is so fresh inside. You two are kind of women that I aspire to bee. Love you....just the way you are!

  22. Blue/grey helmet-head perms and sensible shoes? LOL. You always make me laugh :). You style your hair well so it suits. If YOU like it and it makes YOU happy, keep breaking rules and don't change a damn thing. I love that you're soo honest about your age and refuse cosmetic injectables and surgery! Take care.

  23. lana you are the shit girl dont let anyone tell you your not. i am 42 and i wish i looked like you but i will die trying lov ya

  24. Lana, I hate the matronly look. Going thru perimenopause & menopause was hard. So many physical changes. I started watching makeup tutorials a couple of yrs ago on youtube to get skincare and makeup tips for older women. Not only does our skin and hair change as we get older but the skin tone changes, too, as you talked about in your latest vid, and colors we use to wear suddenly don't look as good anymore. There's not alot of older women on youtube -- thank God for you and a few others. I really appreciate your vids plus you're fun to watch! You have a sense of humor and a joy for living. We have totally different styles and lifestyles but I still get a lot from your vids. I have learned a lot from you.

  25. Lana..I find your videos and blog quite inspiring..i turned 52 this year..i love every minute of it..I am not going out quietly into old age with sensible shoes and gray/permed hair..Helping to break the mold of what a 50 year woman is supposed to be...Thanks...

  26. Lana, you inspire me with your wit, charm and beauty. I'll be turning 50 this year and like you I want to steer clear of the 'old lady' lifestyle as long as possible. Whoever said how old 'old' really is? I will determine that myself, thank you! :)

  27. Lana, You and I are the same age. You are such a gift to everyone in the world. I've always loved wearing my hair long, wearing makeup every day, and trying to dress as nicely as I possibly can. You are so inspiring!!!

    Today I re-watched a lot of your videos to see which lipsticks you wear--so I can begin using more of those colors as well. The lipsticks I plan to purchase soon are MAC's Pink Nouveau--and then Snob.

    Do you think you could make a video showing us how to make our own eyeshadow shapers, please? Thanks so much!! Big hugs to you!!~Moonchime

  28. I have to tell you I cried reading your post. I just recently found you on youtube (and subscribed to you) and I love your words. I'm 42 and everywhere I look it seems like society wants to push women away into silence once they turn a certain age. It breaks my heart to see these things happening because girls will always be girls and love their girly things no matter how old they are! I'm still shedding tears here... just want you to know that one more woman in this world appreciates you and your words. That's all :)

  29. Lana, you've inspired me as well! You know, women with ages 40 and above are kind of ashamed of their age. I don't know why, but maybe they don't want to look old and ugly. But for me, it doesn't matter what your age is, as long as you can carry yourself well while you age. And aging women try a lot of things just to look younger, like using beauty products, or going to the doctor. It's also okay for me, as long as they know their limitations, and they go to the trusted ones.

  30. Hi Lana, I've just found you on youtube, you're an inspiration! I'm 51 and feel like an oddbod, most of my friends are content to be frumpy but I'm not. But where is the advice for women over 50 who want to look good in a youthful sort of way? You're the only informative, entertaining person I've found on the net. Thanks!

  31. You inspired me too! Im about to turn 50 and feeling invisable these days. You are gorgeous inside and out... and helping others like me. Thanks Lana!

  32. Lana, I've just discovered your site and videos. I think they are fantastic! I'm 50, but everyone tells me I look younger, which is nice, but a hard act to keep up. You've filled me with inspiration and determination. Thank you so much! Please keep up with the blog and videos. Take care.

  33. Hi Lana,
    I am 56 years old. I have blonde hair, painted nails, and a ton of eye makeup on every day. Why? Because I love it, and like you, the people who love me, like it too!! Heres to all of us fab women that make the world an interesting and wonderful place !
    Cheers :-)

  34. Im so glad I found your blog! I found you on Youtube and you broke so many stereotypes in my head. I hope we hear more from you soon.

  35. I'll be embarking on my 62nd (Woo Hoo) year of life in 18 days. I must tell you that I not only feel fabulous but I also look fabulous for my age. The very day I'd turned 60, I'd discovered that my life was only beginning. God has been so very good to me, to have given me a brand new start in life. Lana, you're a doll! You'd mentioned in one of your videos that real beauty starts from within. It's so very true! Much has to do with letting go of past hurts, fears & unforgivenesses. Lana, you're truly beautiful inside and out! God bless you richly for your great compassion and love for many! The best is yet to come!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. I'm 54 and I feel 17 inside. I don't dress old, don't fix my hair old or dress or do anything else old. Sometimes I see women that are 10 years younger than me and they look my age AND tired AND worn out. I love your blog and get what you say. I still wear tight jeans, wear make-up...sometimes, work out, NO botox, no Lipo, No facelift, long hair, active sex life/married to the same man for 30 years/love of my LIFE! (never had kids....and do NOT regret it at ALL). We are happy, healthy and going strong. I love my life, my husband, our music, art and home.

  38. I think one of the most important things you do for yourself Lana is eat healthy and you exercise and you don't smoke. All that adds up to making you "feel" the energy and zest for life you have. It also keeps your figure youthful and you can shop and look great in your clothing. This is what you have inspired me to think more about. Because without the energy and health that you feel from taking care of yourself and that includes your skincare routine nothing else is going to click. It is so easy to fall into the pattern of not eating right and taking care of ourselves. Thank you for that.

  39. I feel the same way you do and related to so many of the things you said. My daughter has always told me I don't dress or act my age, I need to grow up. I have always given my wrong age but it was just the opposite of that I was always adding 2 or 3 years to my age as I never cared and never kept track. I have embraced and loved every year of my life but I have to admit turning 50 is affecting me and it's really freaking me out that I am bothered by turning 50 as I have never cared before so why now?? I just hope that when it happens in 6 months that my attitude is what it has always been... I don't care how old I am age is a state of mind. There are children that are unable to do a lot of the things I can do physically are they classified as old? No, they are young wonderful children that just have physical issues so how can we use our bodies to judge our age? Logically we must use our minds an attitude to determine our age!! I have been watching youtube for 2 years now and I have been looking for someone exactly like you to subscribe to and unite with and today I found you!! I look forward to watching all your past videos and future ones too.

  40. i keep reading this blog to prepare myself when I get older. I love your fashion ideals ,and thoughts.

  41. Hi! I just watched one of your YouTube videos and you are just adorable! I turned 40ish yesterday and had recently decided to completely change my makeup. Everything from what I was using to the application of it. What was workin' at 20 just isn't cuttin' it now. :p
    I've lied about my age... but instead of taking years off, I'd add a few years. I'd rather hear someone say "WOW, you look great!", than think to themselves "Wow, she looks like she was rode hard and put away wet." Anyway, you made me laugh and I like your view of aging.

  42. Lana, I am thrilled I discovered your blog and TouTube channel (I'm there, too!). I love your sweet and funny spirit. I am 55 and you echo my feelings so well! ~ Janis from

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