Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christian Louboutin's. Are They Worth It?

I am asked this question often...
Are Christian Louboutin's worth the hefty Price Tag?
"Loob's" as I like to call them can run from $295.00 all the way up to the highest end of $1,200.00 so that is such a legit question. ( does have amazing sales thru out the year tho. So does Barney's New York)
So, my classic answer is this. 
If you can afford it, Why Not!
If you can't afford it.  No! 
But... I will save my pennies to possess these shoes whenever I can. I will skip StarBucks for months, halt buying pricey cosmetics, or pack a lunch instead of hitting the high end lunch counters wherever my travels have taken me just to get that thrill of the purchase.  (PB&J's won't kill you and it can help to slim the waistline:) Ha!
Once that has been accomplished, The hunt is on and the thrill is SO worth a years supply of Carmel Macchiatos to own these gorgeous shoes.  
Is the quality worth the price?
You Betcha!  I have approx.  20 pairs of Louboutin's and each one is still in great wearable eye-catching condition after years of running thru airports, meetings, dinners and functions. My life is Busy!
I need my shoes to be able to keep up the pace.
Is there an age too young or too old to wear Loob's? 
No!   If you can walk in them, you can wear them! I must admit, some of my Loob's are way too high for what I need to wear them for. Get the shorter heel heights. I find that 3.5" - 4" heels are perfect. 
Over 4" heel heights and up and my walk just isn't pretty.  I have taken some styles of my Loob's to my local shoe repairman and he shaves off a good 1/4" and Viola'. Perfection!
Sizes. Oh, here it gets tricky. Loobs run small. Suede styles run very small. I wear a solid size US 7. Usually, in a Loob that equates to a size 38. Some styles require a jump to 38.5 which is the equivalent of a size 7.5 US. On pumps, don't go too big or you will walk right out of them. I have used heel grips in this case. Works like a charm.
So, now let's talk about my favorite subject. Christian Louboutin STYLES!

I love the T-Strap styles. So elegant yet sexy. Practical yet High End. Wear them with jeans or style them up with a Chanel Suit.

Next are Classic Pumps such as the Ambrosina's. Gorgeous Sheer Satin. Elegant 1" Platform sole. 5" Heel Height.
These I have worn almost into the ground! Poor babies have been with me Forever! Funerals, Meetings, Romantic Dinners with my best friend~ 
My Husband. 
The front end of the signature red soles wear off (no one sees that unless you are kneeling in church) but as you walk away, that underneath RED just SCREAMS. 
Hey! Look at me! 

Why do you think Carrie in "Sex in the City" wore these beautiful darlins'? 
Class, elegance, confidence, distinction.

More Later... I have a flight to catch. 
Off to NYC and you can bet that while there that I will be trolling Sak's or Barney's!


  1. Some day, when I work more, I may have one of these :)) Great first blog, can't wait for the others!:)


  2. Love it Lana! Altho you should probably watermark your pics so people don't steal them and use them as their own (especially on ebay!) x

  3. OMG the last ones are orgasmic I love how they have you can't even tell they have the hidden platform. Great post, can't wait for more <333

  4. I am LOVING this Lana!! Keep the posts coming! You are like the Louboutin Queen so I am so happy to see a blog about it!!

  5. Great post, I've always wonderded if louboutins were worth the "hipe". thankyou for answering that question .

  6. You look great Lana

  7. I will have a pair someday!!!

  8. ♥♥♥sexy shoes!!!♥♥♥

  9. Do they make them in slippers? Cause that's what I would need to wear them lol.....thelmalou475

  10. To: Thelmalou475~
    You make me laugh like no other.
    You know you want those slippers with that sexy red sole...
    Or...Is it Mr Thelma Lou that wants to see them parked beside the bed at night? hmmm?

  11. Hi Lana,

    Beautiful shoes!
    Great Blog. keep us up with the late news on makeup and shoes.


  12. You are such an elegant lady...Love your videos..your personality....everything///:)

  13. oh my god! your shoes are just... awesome!!!!

  14. This blog is so YOU, Lana! Love it! Followed you for over a year on YouTube under various aliases! "TheChaplinLover," "Delicateblu," and "MignonMe."

    Love your style and sense of humor!


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  16. Great shoe love story!!!! I own over 300 pairs of heels. No loobs yet but I did get my first pair of Rodger Viviers. Yay!

  17. I just watched your video on whats in your travel bag I didnt know you were a flight attendant. thats cool.. I always wanted to know how is that career? is it time consuming? do you like it?

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